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Lord Of The Flies Project

Fitz Jerald Yumul

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Humanity

Behaviors known to Humanity Being Civilized GOOD What Golding depicts as Being 'Good' and 'Evil' Evil Being a Savage/Uncivilized Actions: Being Civilized Working as a Group Cooperation Feelings: Understanding Respect Kindness Thoughts: Mindfulness Consideration Gratefulness Actions: Working as Savages Being Uncivilized Uncooperative Feelings: Ruthless Rude Unforgiving Thoughts: Barbaric Ideas Unorganized Ungrateful Good Evil Novel Our World Human personalities in the Novel Good Evil References Helpful Organized Trustworthy Honesty Friendship Kindness Selfish Greedy Inconsiderate Anger Ruthless Disorganized Both 'Good' And 'Evil' Human personalities in Our world Good Evil Civilized Cooperation Reliable Sincerity Comradeship Generosity Self Centered Greed Reckless Rage Merciless Chaotic Both 'Good' and 'Evil' This qualities provides examples of how human beings can be both Good & Evil in Our World This qualities provides examples on how human beings can be both Good & Evil in the Novel Golding's Perspective In my opinion, the two sides of the human personality in the novel has a lot of Similarities and some Differences in the two sides of the human personality of both good & evil in Our World. Compare & Contrast As I have gathered and presented the examples of human personalities of both 'Good' & 'Evil' in the Novel and in our world: I have come to an agreement with Golding's perspective in the Novel that Human beings in the whole world has both good and evil within them. As our world has a lot of Human Inhabitants: most human's have shown that they could posses both Good and evil personalities within them. This reflects to Golding's belief that, within all human beings, there is both good and evil. Good And Evil I agree with Golding's text that Humanity is either Good and Evil. Google
Mariam Webster Dictionary
Lord of the Flies- Novel
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