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Transition Model animated

Introduction to complex community issues addressed through the Transition Town model.

Shaktari Belew

on 1 June 2014

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Transcript of Transition Model animated

What makes communities feel alive, vibrantly creative, and in harmony with their environment?
A few ideas...
Even though it may not be apparent, everything affects everything else. We used to think in terms of machines with separate parts. Now we know nothing is separate. RELATIONSHIPS are as important as elements.
Think in terms of interconnected, interdependent nested systems.
Humans face complex issues today...
But instead of diving into fear and denial - together we can face these issues with the same creative genius that has made humans so highly adaptable...
We are pioneers here - learning to see, design, and live in a whole-systems world...
Exploring new ways of seeing and doing based on the RELATIONSHIPS between aspects of community life - especially those affecting survival (food, energy, economy, housing, etc.) - can feel scary...
Learning to DESIGN within whole-systems...
steps us from stumbling upon what works momentarily, to learning to use our full creative genius to design local, resilient, adaptive solutions that change with our ever-changing circumstances.
... YOU!

Through your
passion and participation.
and as we begin to see the true impact of our previous decisions, We can ask ourselves...

what world do we want to give our children and the next several generations?
Designing Resilient Relocalized Communities
Like falling off a cliff.

But together we can find new ground beneath our feet - by redesigning community systems that take into consideration the INTERDEPENDENT RELATIONSHIPS and well-being of ALL aspects of community life
It can feel like we are running a race against impending doom...
But reality can be something quite different!

We are learning to take full responsibility for our decisions and their impact on all life...

resulting in a higher quality of life for us all.
How do you juggle all elements of community so they work together effectively, efficiently, and in a way that promotes well-being and aliveness?
It frees us to see
from multiple points-
which always yields
new and
But in a complex, adaptive,
whole-systems world...
So HOW do we transition
to resilient, re-localized

Welcome to the
Transition movement!

(based on an Original animation concept Created by Balázs Turai)
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