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Gap Year

After the students finish the secondary school, it's usual in United Kingdom and other European countries to take a year to relax. In this 365 days of freedom, this young adults can travel, have fun and learn about themselves.

a a

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Gap Year

The Importance of doing a Gap Year in an
English speaking country
Why a Gap Year ? Acquire new skills Contact with different Cultures Learn About yourself, about the others and about the world Have Fun :-) Having fun The "having fun" part doesn't need to be explained. Twelve years of hard work is a lot of work. God knows we need a rest. Skills It is usual for the people that take a gap year to make a traineeship or to attend a small course. This way they can learn about some activity that they enjoy, or would like to do in the future, without all the pressure that scholl imposes. Culture Discover a new culture it’s always a splendid experience. The opportunity to learn their habits, to try their gastronomy and find their monuments, it’s all part of a natural process where we understand other cultures and consequently other people so different from us.
Us and the World When we travel around the world, we can open two windows. One window takes us to the world: we see with our eyes the difference between a western European country and an African country and we have to learn to live in a society that it isn’t ours. The other window takes us to ourselves, to the discovery about what we really are, our abilities and our qualities.

Why in a English Speaking Country ? Language English is the second most talked language all over the world. A gap year in United Kingdom can help us improving this language in all aspects: vocabulary, grammar correction, pronunciation, etc. Besides, the only language that most of Portuguese teenagers can talk, besides portuguese, is English.
USA, UK and Culture The United States and the United Kingdom have a dominat role in the world culture. London is the most cosmopolitan city from this world, and it is now considered by many as the cultural center of the earth. Future The last but not least reason to go to a English speakink country in a gap year is because the best universities are located in UK and USA. In Portugal things are tough. We should try to have the best preparation possible for our future. Take a Gap Year
Go Abroad Fadhil Musa nº7 Miguel Dias nº18 Sofia Lourenço nº26
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