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Releases and what lies beneath

No description

Dennis Lindemans

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Releases and what lies beneath

Under the surface
Releases and what lies beneath
How to get to a statement like
"Last weekend release 2013.11.AxW was successfully implemented"
How to get out of 'auto pilot' mode?
"RFC Intake" back under control of Change Management (@regie BSI)
Arrange a Change Advisory Board (progress to Change phase)
"Release" under control of Release Management (@ regie BSI)
Arrange a Release Board (progress to Release deployment)
Setup OLA's for execution of tasks
Setup reporting (steering and performance measurement)
What was done to minimize risk?!?
release build
status (scorecard)
Go / NoGo
Release, Change(s) & RFC (if still open)
Simplified change & release process
change intake
impact assessment
design & estimate
resource allocation
after care period
(back out)
What is release management?
Preparation for the deployment
of an approved package
which includes one or more changes
Basic setup
Each change get his own defined set of criteria
=>> is it possible to a default set of criteria
... based on 'criticality' of involved CIs?
Specific criteria can be added due to risk estimation
(payment records, external interfaces, etc.)
All criteria are given a weight by the stakeholders (DDV, IM&P, ITB)
Focus needs to be on products/deliverables in stead of phases
Products are grouped to categories (design, build, test, delivery)
Main objectives
get insight in the content of each release
show progress of the "change phase"
be able to make a decision for Go/NoGo
(to proceed with deployment of the release)
Insight in the content of the release

Progress is kept up2date via defined criteria / tasks
Indication of the 'operational readiness' is visible during "change phase"

Decision by stakeholders is based on the agreed set of criteria
Ideas how to get this concept
in motion?
Operational Readiness Scorecard
Content of release
Progress of deliverables
Topics / Action items
Dossier of Agreements & Procedures
Accepting assigned work
Express expectations
Define workable timelines for various tasks

Tooling (Assyst, Jira, Kanban/Scrum)
Workflow Assistant
define workflows
define model changes
change / release calendar
performance reports

list of coordinators for Project / "Klus" / Change
arrange Change Advisory Board
arrange Release Board

Change & Release process
assign required roles
control @ regie BSI

Requirements per phase (RFC, Change, Release)
CMDB info, acceptance criteria, guidelines
Impact assessment
... but how was this done and which info/tools were used?
... who was involved?
... when was it done (week ago, 3 months, 2 years ago)?

... but which ones?
... were they in line with protocol?
... what were the acceptance criteria?
... who defined the requirements and acceptance criteria?
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