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Scrapbooking 101

All you need to know to scrapbook!

Amanda Gillette

on 3 April 2012

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Transcript of Scrapbooking 101

Scrapbooking 101 Scrapbooking 101 Some Tips from people like you Diana Kristen Allison Patty Amanda Always put the supplies back when you are done with them; it saves time later. Be Organized! Be Creative! Layering paper, using ribbon, eyelets, buttons and other decorations add spark and color to your page, without being too much! Fill It Up! Don't leave too many blank spots around your page; fill them up with stickers and tags. However, don't junk up your paper with so much stuff crowding the pictures. Leave some spaces so it's not too filled, but make sure it has enough decoration, too. Too crowded! Not enough! Have A Theme In Mind... Pick a theme ahead of time so that you're prepared. Then get ticket stubs, pamphlets, and photos to match the theme. Unique Do something new everytime. Don't always scrapbook just vacations, or trips to the beach, or baby photos. You want everything to be as creative as possible, and you want a wide variety of ideas! Nice and Neat! There pages might look good, but imagine a whole scrapbook filled with just one of these pages over and over and over... ...page after page after page... Be ! If you are scrapbooking with others, take the time to look at their pages, too. Maybe it will give you some ideas. However, don't copy someone else's great idea, because then you lose your uniqueness. Also, remember that your page doesn't have to be the best to be unique. Sometimes there isn't a fine line between too crowded and too spacious. What about the picture below? Is it too crowded? Does it not have enough? Once you decide, check your answer below. This photo is just fine! Most people think it is too crowded because of all the borders and quilled flowers, while others think it doesn't have enough because there's only two pictures and few techniques. In reality, it desn't matter how many pictures you have, and the borders are almost too much, barely within the "Just Right" range. Answer: Please remember not to go overboard with the decorations!! There are a lot to choose from, and you can't have everything in just one page. Be careful! Too crazy! The more prepared you are, the better off you will be: The neater things are, the faster you can get the job done. You don't want to throw all the stickers in the book section, because it will take someone an hour to find them. The same could happen to you; you could waste precious time just looking for one little thing. Don't waste your time trying to find the stripes stamp. Be Organized! Tools Paper Stamping
(No Stampin' Up) Matting Eyelets Brads Ribbon Quilling Tape Squares Punchers Scissors Pop-up dots Flowers Stenciling Letters Tags Buttons Stickers 3-D Stickers Homemade 3-D Stickers Quotes Books Color Wheel What you can use to scrapbook... ...and how to use it! Use sticker letters to spell out vacation places or other words. Use the scrapbooking library to discover new techniques, ideas, and page layouts. Make these out of regular stickers, paper, and pop-up dots. Stick the desired sticker onto the paper, cut carefully around it, and attach a pop-up dot to the back! Voila! Use these as picture corners, or just regular decorations! Use both wheels to match hues, and find the perfect combonation of either complementary or analogous colors. DO NOT GO OVERBOARD WITH THESE! Also, do not EVER cut your pictures with these. Reserve these for matting. Use these to attach your pictures to the page. Use these for your homemade 3-D stickers, or just to raise a piece of paper on your page. Pop-up dots help make certain things stand out. The most essential tool to scrapbooking, besides pictures, is paper! Use plain or decorated to backgrounds to make your pictures look even more amazing. Use these to write dates and/or places. Also, with special lined tags you can write about your pictures. Use flowers to accent your page. You can layer flowers on top of each other for a more striking effect. Lastly, you can hammer an eyelet through the center of the flowers to make a cool colored center Hammer these into the center of flowers, or just onto your page to add color. Also, you can add clear letter stickers to the tops of these to spell words. Matting is the simplest idea in scrapbooking. Matting simply means pasting a picture on a piece of paper, or layering it. It's as easy as that! The white background for each picture is the matting! Study these! * * * * * * * Brads have two sharp ends tha you poke into your paper, and then open to kepp it in place. Most of you have worked with brads before. Quotes, quotes, quotes! Use these to spice up your page and express the feel you want to portray. Check out the quote book for ideas! NEVER, EVER use plain stickers on your scrapbook pages, unless you really think it would look good. Even so, you should check with one of the staff members first. For more help, you can check out the last page in my scrapbook (the baby page). Use regular ribbon on the side of your page, and use ribbon with words (above) prefferably at the bottom of the page Welcome!! I'm sure all of you want to get right to work, so I'll try to make this as short as possible. This is a (hopefully) short tutorial on how to scrapbook. Of course, this Prezi won't tell you everything, so you will definitely need assistance from our staff. Staff: Amanda Gillette- Head Scrapbooker

Kristen Stepehson- Vice Scrapbooker

Olivia Skvarenina- OFFICIAL Model Scrapbooker

Patty Gillette- Supply Provider

Megan Moore- Troubleshooter

Johanna Skvarenina- Librarian/Book Guru

Diana Stephenson- Design and Decoration Consultant

Allison Stephenson- All-Around Helper and Guide Rules: 1. Don't waste the supplies! 2. Put the materials back in their proper place once you have finished using them 3. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not even going to explain this. Everybody knows what punchers are, and how to use them. Plus, we're short on time... Use these often but sparingly. How, you ask? Well, you can't just put on 3-D sticker on a page; you have to have at least two. However, don't go overboard and put 5-6 stickers on every page. Use the stamps, cover them in ink, and stamp on your paper! Easy! You must be so bored... of hearing me talk and talk and talk... so I'm going to shut my yap trap- -and let you ask questions! PAUSE How to scrapbook! (From an expert) QUIZ! 1. When you scrapbook, what is the first thing you do? a. Crop the pictures b. Select paper c. Choose your pictures 1. c, 2. c, 3. a, 4. b. 2. What do you use to attach the pictures to the paper? a. Tape b. Glue c. Tape Squares 3. Stenciling, Or Dry Embossing, is... a. Taking your paper and using metal templates with a special tool to create a risen pattern b. Taking a stamp, using Versa-Mark ink, covering it in powder, and blow-drying it c. Cutting a piece of paper slightly bigger than one of your pictures, and pasting both onto the page 4. What are the three elements of scrapbooking? 5. What is the one, single most important rule of scrapbooking? b. Title, Journaling, Matting a. Title, Pictures, Paper c. Paper, Matting, Journaling a. Have a theme in mind! b. Be organized! c. Be creative! d. Fill up the page! e. Be unique! f. All of the above! g. None of the above! 5. What do you think?? So lets go through this one more time... Lets get scrapbooking! Use the lightbox and the special stenciling pen or tool to carve a certain pattern shown on the metal plates. Ask for help from our staff! (Preferably the Head and D+D Consultant) These are not all of the tools available. Other tools not listed include: the paper crinkler, paper cutter blades, vellum, and others. Ask the staff about these other items and we will be happy to show you how to use each tool. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ASK! These few tools ARE available! * * To watch again, refresh the page OFFICIAL LISTEN CAREFULLY!! * Also known as Dry Embossing. Tips Hold your page face down on top of the light box Never glue down anything until everything is in place Do some gabbing!

Scrapbooking is about saving memories, but also chatting!! 1st step Finished 2nd step Spark Last step Start Pick out your pictures Pick out patterned or regular paper Get your ideas straightened out Set up the pictures Decide which pictures to matt Pick out buttons, brads, eyelets, stamps, stickers, etc. LAY IT OUT GLUE IT DOWN Sometimes scrapbooking isn't enough to capture all the emotion we feel, so the leftover feelings are released into the air for all to enjoy.

-Anonymous Ensnare The Leftover Memories "Say The Word; and you'll be free!
Say The Word; and be like me!
Say The Word; I'm thinking of!
Have you heard; The Word is Love!!"

"All You Need Is Love!" It's the word Love! -The Beatles My first time going to a Beatles concert was a simply dreamyI can't believe I got tickets to their Christmas show! My favorite song of the evening would have to be "All My Loving" because it's just so happy and sweet. I definetly want to se the Fab Four again!!!!! Check with the Staff before using plain stickers Use pop-up dots on regular stickers! Use quotes frequently! Use two or three strips of paper on the side of the page Have Fun With It!!!
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