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How to be a bass guitar player

No description

Georgie Brooks

on 12 July 2010

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Transcript of How to be a bass guitar player

How To Be a Bass Guitar Player. It's easy to become a bassist... but you have to be prepared for the work that comes with it. you have to practice for HALF AN HOUR everyday! (make sure your parents are prepared to buy you one of these extremely expensive instruments!) if you want to play bass you have to learn all of the complecated vocab
(you might need a dictionary) when you play the bass you can also join music clubs where you can meet loads of new people you need to buy lots of things aswell as your bass such as a strap strings you also have to learn alot of different techniques. such as ... slap bass plucking with your fingers using a plectrum (pick) and an amp and loads more!!! thank you for watching
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