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Unit 2 : Thermal Energy

No description

Ahmed Hussein

on 10 August 2016

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Transcript of Unit 2 : Thermal Energy

Unit 2 : Thermal Energy
The device of measuring the temperature is the
: To find out the good and bad conductors of heat
is one of the most important types of energies used in our life.
Because it is used in:
1- warming the house
2- زٌعcooking ا طٌٙٝ
3- Water heating
4- بdrying washed clothes ردفيف ا لٌّاثف
5- Making food
6- processing glass & paper
Usage of good and bad conductors
Aluminum, copper& stainless steel are used to make:
 Cooking pots& Kettles in houses & factories.
ط غٕ اٚا ٝٔ ا طٌٙٝ ٚا غٌلايبد فٝ ا بٌّٕؾي ٚا ظٌّب غٔ
 Plastic & wood are used to make:
مِبثغ اٚا ٝٔ ا طٌٙٝ ٚ
غٌلاي- Handles of cooking pots, Kettles& utensils.

-Plastic is used to make the iron handle.

-Heavy blankets & wool clothes: ا لٌّاثف ا ثٌمي خٍ ٚا ظٌٛف فٝ ا شٌزبء
 Are used in winter to keep the body warm.ُ
To show that Materials differs in conducting heat
Life application
The Double Glazed Window
Two Types
Materials are classified into 2 types:
It Is Very Hot today
Themal Energy !
Unit 2:
Lesson 1 : Heat Conduction
Mr.Ahmed Elbasha
Heat energy
It is a form of energy that transfers from the higher
temperature object to the lower temperature object( hot to cold body)
: It is the degree of hotness or coldness of a body.
The window is made by bonding two sheets of glass & keeps a space
between them filled with air
 G.R
using insulating glass window.
to prevent leakage of heat.
To show that Materials differs in conducting heat
 Give reason for:
1. Copper is a good conductor of heat while wood is a bad conductor of heat.
Because copper allows the flow of heat to through it, while wood don't let
heat flow through.
2. Cooking pots are made of aluminum while its handles are made of plastic or
Because aluminum is a good conductor of heat that allows the heat to flow
through, while plastic or wood are bad conductor of heat that don’t allow heat
to pass through.
3. In the insulating glass window, there is space filled with air between the
two glass sheets.
To prevent leakage of heat because air is a bad conductor of heat.
4. Spaces are left between railways tracks which are made of iron.
To avoid train accidents because iron is a good conductor of heat that will
expand and twist.

: to compare conducting heat
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