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Southern & Eastern Asia Unit Test Study Guide- KEY!

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Marissa Ring

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Southern & Eastern Asia Unit Test Study Guide- KEY!

Southern & Eastern Asia Unit Test Study Guide- KEY!
Define Nationalism
Loyalty and devotion to one's country
Describe The Great Leap Forward
A program designed to speed up China's economy. They wanted to make farming more productive through communities (crops, industry, healthcare, and school). It was an #epicfail
Describe Communism's impact on China
Chinese people experience famine, oppression, and mistrust of their government
From which country did Vietnam try and gain independence?
Which leader was responsible for establishing communism in China?
Which country was most affected by the Cold War?
Mao Zedong
How did nationalism influence the countries of India and Vietnam?
Nationalism helped lead to independence for both India and Vietnam
A plan created by Mao Zedong to stop all opposition to the Communist Party. Schools closed, factories were shut down, people were beaten/killed by the Red Guard if they did not comply.
Describe the Cultural Revolution and its impact.
Order the following events in order they occurred...
1. Establishment of Communism
2. The Great Leap Forward
3. Cultural Revolution
4. Tiananmen Square
Keeping something/not allowing it to spread. The United States felt it was their job to "contain" communism.
Define Containment
Why did the United States send armed forces to support South Vietnam?
Identify the importance of Mohandas Gandhi
Describe the events at Tiananmen Square and explain how it impacted the people of China
To prevent the spread of communism throughout Southeast Asia
He was a man born in India who encouraged the Indian people to practice nonviolent protests against the British in order to bring about social change and gain independence.
After the death of Mao Zedong, peaceful protestors gathered to protest against the government. Chinese government sent tanks into the square and opened fire. As a result, the Chinese government was persuaded to improve the rights of their citizens.
Number the events in order...
What events in Indian history helped lead to its independence?
1. Ho Chi Minh creates guerilla army to fight France
2. Vietnam splits into North & South Vietnam
3. The Viet Cong is created to fight anti-communist troops in South Vietnam
4. The U.S. went to war with North Vietnam to protest South Vietnam
5. Vietnam gets independence as a united communist country
British involved in WWII, establishment of the National Congress which granted Indian's more local control.
What do The Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution, and Tiananmen Square have in common?
They are all examples of government oppression
Vietnam fought via guerilla warfare, while India fought peacefully and nonviolently
Disbanded the military, closed weapon factories, put government leaders on trial, and set up a constitutional monarchy.
Federal republic with a parliamentary system. Prime Minister, 18 to vote, has personal freedoms.
What role did the United States play in the rebuilding of Japan after WWII?
How was Vietnam's attempt at independence in 1945 different from India's attempt at independence?
Describe the government of India
Describe the government of China
Describe the government of Japan
Communist party holds power, vote at 18; however candidates are pre-selected. Fewer personal freedoms than the other countries
Constitutional Monarchy with an emperor and prime minister. Voting at 20. Personal freedoms.
Which two countries in Southern & Eastern Asia have started to move from a command economy to a mixed economy?
Which country has a history of violating the personal freedoms and voting rights of its citizens?
China and India
Define specialization and provide an example in Southern & Eastern Asia.
Countries specialize in what they do best. Specialization is an efficient way to work and is less costly. Japan specializes in fishing because it lacks natural resources.
Define tariff and provide an example in Southern & Eastern Asia.
A tax placed on imported goods. India imposes a tax on agricultural products to protect its own agricultural industry.
Statements: True or False?
1. India has invested in in capital and infrastructure. FALSE- it has NOT invested well in capital
2. India's literacy rate among school children is much lower than its literacy rate among adults. FALSE- it is higher!
3. India has not invested in its country's human capital and its educational system is weak. FALSE! Human capital is a high priority
4. India's support for new businesses has led to a high rate of entrepreneurship. TRUE
Why has China seen tremendous growth in its GDP over the last decade?
China has made significant investments in its human and physical capital in the last decade which has increased the GDP
Describe the Ganges River
Holy river to the Hindu religion; massive amounts of waste, human, and animal remains are dumped into the river causing serious health issues.
In which two countries do about one-third of the world's population live?
China and India
Identify the numbers in the diagram to the right.
1. Indus River
2. Ganges River
3. Mekong River
4. Yangtze River
5. Huang He (Yellow) River
Describe Southern & Eastern Asia's transportation systems
Transportation systems in Asia are mostly undeveloped.
Identify the numbers in the diagram to the right...
1. Himalayan Mountains
2. Taklimakan Desert
3. Gobi Desert
4. Korean Peninsula
Identify the numbers in the diagram to the right...
1. Sea of Japan
2. Yellow Sea
3. South China Sea
4. Bay of Bengal
5. Indian Ocean
***I'm Buying Sour Yellow Skittles!!!***
Identify the numbers in the diagram to the right...
1. India
2. China
3. North Korea
4. South Korea
5. Japan
6. Vietnam
7. Indonesia
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