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Just another

No description

Paul Edwards

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Just another

Week 8
Just another
S00120948 - Paul Edwards
S00119692 - James Voulgaris
S00113843 - Jack Perkins
S00119854 - Annelise Small
The indicators that expatriates and their families and/or spouses represent a rare and valuable resource to a multinational firm
Reflecting on Lisa’s dual career, trailing spouse journey, how would you have approached the situation differently?
move to china?
•Adjustment to the foreign culture
•Willingness to move
•Rare Competencies – intercultural
•Cross culture suitability
What problems do you foresee for Emilia and Emily if the MacDougall undertakes another move after Shanghai?
Impacts of international mobility on the MacDougall’s marriage?
Case Study 8
•Their first move was from Sydney to Chicago – Out of the blue, the couple accepted the job without hesitation, newly married, had no family ties and saw it as a great opportunity.
•After 2 years, the MacDougalls, realised their stay for a short amount of time had extended due to Lachlan being an instant success in his new role. Lisa was unfortunately unable to work in America due to the fact that she had not obtaiend a working visa.
Lachlan was offered a very good as an executive in Philadelphia.
Six years later their Visa had ran out and again Lachlan was offered a job in Singapore.
The choice to move to Singapore was good for both of their careers, yet so close enough to maintain family and professional ties.

•The MacDougalls, secured permanent residency in Singapore.
Lisa had secured part time employment.
•Their second daughter Emily was born in Singapore
•Now a 3rd move to china was looming and this move was bigger than ever, considering they didn’t have to leave to Singapore as they were permanent residences.

Children: a vital consideration when moving abroad for foreign assignments.
Approximately 45% of expatriates have children
Usually between 5-12
Concerns for children when moving abroad:
-Learning a new language
-Moving to a new school
-Making new friends
Job Hunting assistance
Inter firm networking
Assignment career support
Identity and personal fulfillment
Amelia and Emily are now old enough to attend school.
they have grown fond of Singapore and attempted to incorporate the culture and in everyday life.
Constant transitions, new cultures, new friends, new languages have put unnecessary stress on their children.
Children whom move frequently have more problems in school.
What are the implications of expat's frequently moving too much?
What do you think are the necessary characteristics of 3rd culture kids?
How important would salary be in your decision in moving overseas? a) considering with kids b) or not
What would be some of the problems associated returning home after a long period?
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