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Vocab for Business Law

No description

Tray Carter

on 13 September 2011

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Transcript of Vocab for Business Law

Business Law Vocabulary Answer- Formal written document that admits or denies each allegation of the complaint and states any defenses that the defendant plans to use. Appellate Court- Courts that have the autority to hear appeals and review cases from lower courts. Appellate Jurisdiction- Authority of court to review a decision of a lower court or administrative agency. Arraignment- procedure in which the accused is brought
before the court, read the indictment or information, and
asked to plead guilty or not guilty. Arrest- Action when a person is deprived of his or her freedom. Bail- Money or other property that is left with the court to assure the court that the person will return to stand trail Complaint- legal document containing a short and plain statement of the plantiff's claim against the defendant. Delinquent Child- Minor, under a certain age ( usually 16, 17, or 18) who has commited an act that would be a crime if done by an adult.
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