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Should schools be allowed to limit students' online speech?

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Hannah Stein

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Should schools be allowed to limit students' online speech?

Should schools be allowed to limit students' online speech?
Limiting How Much Students Can Post
The First Amendment
The First Amendment states citizens are allowed to express and to be exposed to a wide range of opinions and views. It was intended to ensure a free exchange of ideas even if the ideas are unpopular. There are laws that if the opinion is a direct threat to someone, they lose their freedom. Limiting a students' speech if they have not posted a threat violates the First Amenment, which makes it unconstitutional.
I think schools should
be able to limit the online speech of students because it violates the First Ammendment, it should be the parent's responsibility to limit their child's online time, and it's important for students to learn to deal with social issues on their own.
Is it the school's responsibility?
At school, students must follow school policies. When off-campus, students listen to their parents' rules. Limiting how much kids can be online at home is not the schools responsibility, but rather the parents. The school can make as many rules concerning the internet as they like, but parents are the ones making rules for when the students are not on school grounds.
Overall, schools should not be able to limit online speech because it goes against the First Amendment, it should be the parents controlling internet time off of school grounds, and it could prevent kids from learning social skills. Limiting online speech would cause multiple issues and should not be enforced as a rule in District 39 schools.
Hannah Stein
Social issues
Although being able to express yourself online can lead to Cyberbullying, it teaches kids about dealing with social skills. Having too many restrictions won't allow students to learn from being able to express their opinion, interact with their peers, and to stand up for yourself/self advocate. It's good for kids to learn these social skills and creating too many restrictions could prevent students from learning important social skills.
J.S. versus Blue Mountain School District
A student (J.S.) created a profile mocking and offending their prinicipal online on their own time. The school wanted to suspend J.S., but could not because of Freedom of Speech. The profile did not pose a direct threat to the principal, so they could not punish the student. In this case, Ammendment one stopped the Blue Mountain School district from suspending J.S.
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Outside Sources
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