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Jordyn and Marco's prezi!

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Angela Altazan

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Jordyn and Marco's prezi!

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Jordyn and Marco's prezi!
Nickels cost more
Many people are saying that if we get rid of the penny, we will need more nickels. Nickels cost 7.7 cents to make, so why should we get rid of the penny when nickels have a cost more than it's face value also. "Since the penny costs 0.26 more than face value to make, the Mint can make 5 pennies and still lose less money than making 1 nickel."
Sentimental Value
People do not want to get rid of the penny because Abraham Lincoln is on it. Also, people don't like to change things. We have been making pennies forever, so why should we get rid of it now? People think making pennies is a tradition. So why get rid of it? "We've always had pennies and therefore always should have pennies, according to this thinking."
Our Opinion
After we read all of these, we think that we should get rid of them. Both sides have good points, but there are better reasons to get rid of the penny. There are good reasons to keep the penny, but reasons to get rid of the penny outweigh those to keep the penny. So, what do you think?
Reasons to keep the penny
Many people want to keep the penny because prices will increase. It would cost more for everything. People are saying that if the prices increase, the poor will become poorer. If this happens, poor people will have to ask for money more often if the prices increase. "If we eliminate the penny, everything will have to be rounded to the nickel."
Uses for pennies
Pennies waste time
When you're checking out, how long does it take to find one? It takes forever. How do you think the people behind you feel? Why do you need pennies if takes so long? " A recent New Yorker article pointed out that pennies are so worthless now that it doesn't even pay the federal minimum wage to stoop to pick one up off the street unless you can do it in 6.15 seconds or less." If it's this worthless why bother?
Many people want to get rid of the penny. There are many reasons why. Many people think that prices will go up if we get rid of the penny. Even if the prices do go up, it would only be by 4 cents max! People throw away their pennies anyway! If you don't use your pennies, why do you want to keep them? You never use them so what's the point of keeping them. "They don't buy anything, many people just throw them away, and nobody wants to use them, so let's just get rid of them."
Many countries stopped making pennies. "Is it time for the U.S. to do the same?"
Reasons to get rid of the penny
When do you use the pennies? They are worthless! There are so many pennies just laying on the ground. Do you ever pick them up? They are useless, nobody even uses them unless they want to give the exact change or when you use Coinstar. If you rarely use them, why should we make them?
Costs of pennies
Did you know it costs about $24,200,000 to make 20.27 million pennies per day. Think about what you could do with that money! It costs $5,126,200,000 every 365 days making pennies! Think about it. You can donate money to a charity and save someone's life instead of wasting it on pennies. "The U.S. Mint makes an average of 20.27 million pennies per day to produce it's 7.4 billion penny annual output."
Most charities depend on pennies for donations. People think if we get rid of the pennies the charities will get less money. Also, in 2012 they took a poll to take our opinion on if we should get rid of the penny or not. The results show that 67% of America want to keep the penny. "A 2012 poll shows that 67% of Americans want to keep the penny."
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