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How to Apply to Mississippi State University

No description

Kylie Rigdon

on 18 July 2015

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Transcript of How to Apply to Mississippi State University

How to Apply to Mississippi State University
Step 3: Parent's Information
Father's Information
Alum of MSU?
Phone Number
Mother's Information
Alum of MSU?
Phone Number
Step 5: Educational Background
High School Information
If you changed schools between 9th and 12th grade, put the one you currently attend
We require any schools attended in that time send us your official transcripts
College Information
If you attended any dual enrollment classes, put in information for any and all colleges where credits were received
We will need official trancripts from these prior to you enrolling
Thank You for Applying!
Be on the look out for postcards as well as fun mail from MSU!
Submit the following to complete your application:
Official High School Transcript (9th-11th grade)
ACT/SAT scores (accepted through February of senior year)
$40 application fee or fee waiver
Log In
Select an email you check regularly! This will be where I contact you at
Choose a password you will remember
Admission Type
You are planning/considering coming in as a freshman
You know you will be transferring after community college
Step 1: Admissions Information
What campus will you be attending?
Starkville-Main Campus
Meridian Campus
Distance Education (Online)
When will you begin?
Spring 2015 (Available September 1)
Summer 2015
Fall 2015
Have you previously attended before?
SPATS, Dual Enrollment do not count
Application Type
Step 2: Personal Information
Social Security Number
Date of Birth
We will mail lots of important things so make sure it the address you check your mail at frequently
Phone Number
A number you can be reached at
Step 4: Residency Information
Address to establish your residency
In-State Requirements (one or both)
Live in MS
Attend a MS high school 9th-11th grades
Should be the same one you provided to receive mail at
Phone Number
Legal State of Residence
State which issued you a driver's license
Armed Forces Questions
NOTE: Residency is determined by your parent's legal address
Step 6: Additional Information
Demographic Information
Answer all questions to the best of your knowledge as several things are determined by these answers including scholarships
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