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Advancing the Academic Health System of the Future

No description

Molly Smith

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Advancing the Academic Health System of the Future

Advancing the Academic Health System
for the Future

Transparency in Quality, Performance, and Financial Information is Central
True understanding
of complete cost-structure
Quality reporting and outcomes demonstration critical to brand
Ability to demonstrate value to the purchaser market
Advisory Panel on Health Care
Association of American Medical Colleges
Drivers of The Evolving
Health Care System for AMCs:

Movement from fee-for-service payment toward value based payment
Need to achieve order of magnitude cost reductions
Need to participate in consolidating markets to avoid marginalization
Need to continue to support teaching and research missions
Need to manage
Need to focus on overall patient experience and overall societal health
The Academic Health System of the Future
Future will be System Based
Merge or Affiliate
with a Mega-System
High Performance Regional System
Specialized Complex Care Leader
Strong and Aligned Governance, Organization, and Management Systems
Leadership strategically and/or structurally aligned
Management systems up to the task
Aligned and effective decision making
Trust between leaders about resource allocation and performance
Time to Lead on Population
Health is Now
Population management capabilities pre-requisite to risk assumption
Post-acute services become critical success factor
Successful AMCs leveraging owned health plans
More Efficient Operating Models are Needed to Bend the Cost Curve
Cost-structure a competitive disadvantage
Commitment to cost-reduction key to risk assumption
operations within and between missions and
operating divisions
Chair role will emphasize quality of leadership and teamwork
Economic and administrative integration
Increased role of community-based highly clinical physicians
University Relationships
Challenged to Evolve
practices and
policies updated for clinical growth
Political and strategic challenges
Fair market
value services and transparency
Candid Assessment of Strengths and Weaknesses Essential to Advance Change
Market and policy
dynamics causing
organizations to
assess their current
Board and Leadership
must have candid conversations about capabilities and
evaluate the "cards"
the AMC holds
New Roles for Physician Leaders and Evolution of Practice
New roles for physician executives focused on clinical integration
Skills such as
LEAN become essential
Panel Discussion
Dayle Benson, MHA
Executive Director, University of Utah Medical Group
University of Utah School of Medicine

S. Wright Caughman, MD
Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, Emory University
CEO, Woodruff Health Sciences Center
Chair, Emory Healthcare

Debra Schwinn, MD
Dean, Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine
The University of Iowa
The Challenge:
Can We Recover Like we Did in the 90's?

Have We Been Here Before?
Commonwealth Fund
2000 Report
Unified clinical and academic governance

Change in faculty governance and responsibilities

Clinical enterprise focus: PCP development, decrease costs
2009 Report
Apply resources and manage budgets across missions with rigor

Efficiently translate and commercialize research

Train people for the future, not the past
2012 Report
Old AMC structures are not designed for success

Sunk investments are significant for AMCs

Low quality ratings and imprudent affiliations can damage brands
2013 Report
Single, streamlined, and accountable clinical enterprise is needed

Community relationships and engagements are critical to the success of the clinical enterprise

Consider organizing a true health system

Is Change Really on The Horizon?

Why is Our Analysis Different?
New Alignment for
the Future
"When we think about the faculty practice in the future, will it be just another node on the line of physician groups in the clinical enterprise, or will it be THE physician organization for the clinical enterprise"?

--Advisory Panel Member
Clarity of
precedes action
Commitment to high performance needs to extend to teaching and research missions
Strategic choices regarding
beneficiary focus must be
made as a starting point
Joanne Conroy
Chief Health Care Officer
Tom Enders
Senior Managing Director
Manatt Health Solutions
Bias to action
Public Entity
Statewide Hub
Access to Capital will be Critical
Unified Direction
Joanne Conroy, MD
Chief Health Care Officer
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