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Save String

No description

ryan wolf

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Save String

WRITING TOOL #44 SAVE STRING To gather raw material for big projects,
save scraps others would throw away Francis Johnson - Gathered 17,000 pounds of twine
- His ball of twine became the main roadside attraction of Darwin, Minnesota
- "Johnson should become patron saint of those who save litle bits of stories" 1. declare interest in an idea 2. label a box - ex. "sumo wrestling" 3. interest grows - More aware
- Notice more things about the topic
- More conversations about the topic 4. box starts to fill - you start to gather more information about the topic
- articles, studies
- ex. customs, histories, fun facts and events related to "sumo wrestling" 5. information gathered - box of curiosity fills up without effort
- big topics researched with ease
- no real extra time invested Great for:
- enterprise stories

writing tool #45 foreshadowing Foreshadowing is used
to give hints about things to come
in later plot developments Foreshadowing in film? Yes.

Foreshadowing in narrative poetry? Yes. foreshadowing in journalism?...Let's see. - Ted Conover's article, the road is very unfair - article is about the aids epidemic
and prostitution in africa,
specifically how it relates to truckers

-Foreshadowing occurs "She then sets down the metal pot and leans against the doorjamb, and joins us in passing the time by watching the turnboys get filthy. A spider drops form a fold of her skirt and dangles above the concrete floor" the image of the spider coming down
from her skirt foreshadows the events to come,
where a young man contracts aids from a prostitute and dies. foreshadowing sweatshop scenario:
- succesful, busy lawyer
- running late for an important meeting
- on cell phone, leaving the house in a hurry
- child in living room, playing with toy cars
- she doesn't say goodbye to him
- she gets in a horrible car crash now you have one minute
to create a lead
that foreshadows
the outcome
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