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Journey on the Yellow Brick Road

No description

Jacob Dolinger

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Journey on the Yellow Brick Road

Road of Trials: Fighting the witch's army of creatures, getting the broom, and going through the poppy flower field are all obstacles in the path of Dorothy. dorothy must overcome her fears.

Meeting the Goddess: The Good Witch of the North has special powers that help Dorothy.

Abduction: Dorothy is kidnapped towards the end of the movie by the Wicked Witch's army and held hostage in her castle.

Night or Sea Journey: Dorothy is trying to get to the Emerald city.

Dragon Battle: The demon of immaturity/fear is inside Dorothy, but she must become more brave, motivated and matured if she wishes to get to the Emerald City.

Ritual death: Dorothy's companions do not known if she is alive or dead while she is being held hostage at the castle.

Atonement with or Recognition by father: Dorothy recognizes Professor Oz later in the story as the same Oz in the Emerald City. Dorothy does not have a biological father nor a real father-figure that is important through out the story.

Apotheosis: Dorothy is always seen as the leader by her companions.

Ultimate Boon: Dorothy's problem is trying to get home. She gets to the Emerald city, and is told to tap her slippers twice if she wants to go home.

Journey on the Yellow Brick Road
Call to Adventure: Dorothy meets Professor OZ as she is running away from home, he persuades her into going home, as if he knew what would happen.

Refusal of the Call: This does not happen until Dorothy has arrived in Munchkinland. She is called on an adventure to get to the Emerald city. She does not want to go all the way to the Emerald city.

Answering the Call: If Dorothy really wanted to get home, she would follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City. This is her motivation to get there. She is also motivated, in a way, by her companions.

Departure Part Two:
-Supernatural Aid: The Good Witch of the North acts as a Supernatural Aid. She is always watching over Dorothy through out the Journey. she was there when Dorothy needed help in the poppy field.

-Companions:Tinman- Represents the need/desire for Love
Scarecrow- Represents the need/desire for Knowledge
Lion- Represents the need/desire for Courage
These chracters help keep Dorothy motivated.

Initiation Part Two:

Refusal of the Return- Dorothy wants to go home. she does not refuse to return.

Magic Flight/Pursuit: Dorothy is trying to be escape the castle and is being chased by the Witch and her army.

Rescue from Without: Dorothy escapes the castle thanks to the water that she accidentally gets on the Witch. The Witch then melts.

Crossing the Return Threshold:
With a tap of her ruby slippers and by repeating the phrase "there is no place like home" Dorothy is able to return to the real world.
Master of Two Worlds:

Dorothy has become braver and more mature in the real world thanks to her journey in the Land of OZ.
Freedom To Live:
Dorothy has solved her problem. Dorothy realized that all she ever needed was the luxury of her home. she learned that there is no need for desire.
Crossing the Threshold:
-Dorothy clearly leaves Kansas during the prominent Tornado scene.
-She enters through Munchkinland in the Land of OZ.
-Her house lands on the Wicked Witch of the East, immediately killing her.
The Ruby slippers are very important through out Dorothy's journey. The Ruby slippers act as motivation to keep going. Those slippers are the reason the Witch is out to get Dorothy.
The Return:
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