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Amy Truong

on 11 June 2016

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Transcript of WHY CANADA?

Immigrants immigrate to Canada for many reasons. One of the most common reasons are how Canada provides free education, free health care, and most importantly, rights & freedom. Another common reason is that their original country does not give as much as Canada does. These reasons can be classified as political, economic, environmental and social.
Canada provides free education from kindergarten to grade 12. Canada also provides citizens free health care. You can come to your doctor and have free check ups and get flu shots at any time. The government lets you have freedom of speech, freedom of movement, the right to vote, freedom of association...etc!

Immigration to Canada
Some countries might not have freedom or there is a war going on in their country. It might be against the rule to go to school and some people might get beaten because they were standing up for their rights. You would have to pay for education and health care. These are some of the political reasons.
My dad escaped from Vietnam to Canada to have a better life. There was a war between Vietnam and the Communist. The Communist won the fight and there was no longer freedom. If you dare to escape the country, the Communist would put you in jail. If you are lucky enough, you get to go on the boat to freedom .Some people died on the journey to freedom if there is not enough food or water. Luckily, my dad made it to freedom.
My dad was a refugee in Vietnam. A few
years after he was born, he was in the
Khmer Rouge War in Cambodia. He escaped
the war and road a boat to Vietnam. Since he
didn't have a house, he had to be in a refugee
camp. He lived like that for most of his life
until one day,his sister escaped to Canada and she sponsored my dad. After he came, he worked very hard and is very grateful that he is alive today.
My dad and his sister were refugees from Vietnam. She was lucky that she escaped and she road a boat to Canada. Soon, she sponsored my dad then, my dad sponsored my mom. My mom and dad worked hard and they sponsored their own family. Then they got a job, a house and then they had me. They have a very happy life now and I am lucky that I have parents who love me.
My mom and my dad came from Somalia to Canada. There was a small fight that turned into a very serious war. My parents were worried that they would be involved in the war soon and that they would get injured. So, they had to escape quickly. Shortly after, my parent's community was destroyed. They had to live on the streets. Many people died in the war. But luckily, my parents survived. My dad escaped to Canada and in 2000, my dad sponsored my mom. Now my parents are very happy that they are living in a friendly and safe environment.
In the past, mostly newcomers and slaves came to Canada for freedom and land. There was plenty of opportunities that existed here, such as employment and better lives for themselves and their children. But it was hard to get to Canada. People back then had to either escape or travel with permission to come here. In the past, Canada was a free country like now so most people were willing to risk their lives to have freedom, make settlements there, have a better life, etc. Luckily, the past is not the present and the laws changed so no one has to risk their lives just to come to Canada.
People come to Canada to meet their family and friends. People that are now living in Canada can sponsor their family to Canada. People come here to have freedom. Canada is also open to all countries and is a very diverse community. A new immigrant can apply for nationality after just three years. Other countries apply after about four or five years. We are free to go anywhere we want and we will not be doing something against the law like the past.

Presentation by:
Amy, Dacey, Perlina & Samira

Economical reasons are moving to find work or follow a particular career path. In Canada, there are more job opportunities and higher employment.
Social reasons are moving somewhere for a better quality of life or to be closer to family or friends. There is less crimes and better safety.
Causes of migration include natural disasters such as flooding, tornado, tsunami, hurricane etc. Lower risk for natural hazards occurring in Canada. These are some of the environmental reasons.
Many slaves wanted to escape to Canada
Other pull factors are:

More people are wealthier in Canada because there is higher employment and more jobs are involved. In Canada, there is less and safer crime than the crimes in their old country because we have good emergency service (911- ambulance, police, firefighters). The chances of natural hazards to occur are at a low risk. We have more fertile land to plant healthy crops as there is more food for everyone in the country and we have a better climate so it is easier to plant crops. Canada has beautiful land.

Immigrants leaving their homes to have a better life
Immigrating involves a lot of paper work
We hope you enjoyed our presentation and at least learned something new from us!
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