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Parts of a Newsletter

No description

Skye Partain

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Parts of a Newsletter

Parts of a Newsletter
The banner on the front which  identifies the name of the  newsletter.
Table of Contents
May appear on the front cover or on an inside page, and visual clues to  some of the articles may appear.
The section which gives the name of the publisher, contact details,  staff names.
Identifies each article
A short phrase usually set above 
the headline.
One or more lines of text  between the headline and  the body of an article.
Smaller heading in the body which divides the article into sections
The main part of the article.
A short phrase which identifies the writer of the article.
Pull Quotes
Phrases, often quotes, used to draw attention to the article.
Continuation Line
Used when an article goes from one page to another to help the reader find where the article goes.
End Signs
A small symbol used at the end of the article to signal to the reader that the article is finished.
Jump Line
The continuation instructions that is jumped to the next page
Running Heads
Headers/footers which repeat on each page.
Head and shoulders image of the writer next to the article.
Short sentences or phrases linked to images.
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