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No description

Ross Hart

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Registered

Thank You!
Educational Requirements
To become a registered nurse you must have at least a bachealors degree.
Special Training
Students learn the job duty basics in their NA program, but most training occurs on the job under the mentor ship of another NA or a nurse. Training typically takes a few weeks and includes information about employer policies along with specific job skills.
Average Earnings
The average registered nurses' salary ranges from about $55,000-$70,000.
Advancement Opportunities
There is many ways to advance in the medical field, nursing covers a wide variety of fields that you may have a certain interest in that you can focus on and will more than likely suit your financial wants/needs.
Job Description
Typical work duties can vary depending upon specialty, however in most cases, the nurse will be responsible for the daily care of an admitted patient. This can include administering medication, setting IVs, giving shots, updating patient records, providing emotional support, patient education, basic diagnostics, and other patient procedures.
By: Ross Hart

Benefits & Drawbacks
Benefits: Some benefits to nursing is flexible hours, you help people for a living, and there's always room for advancement.
Disadvantages: I think the biggest disadvantages of being a nurse is that patients don't always want help, there is sad situations that you can't be weak in, and exposure to illnesses.
Does Nursing Still Interest me?
Of course it does.
What am I Doing Now to Ensure it Will Happen?
I'm just staying out of trouble and doing whats expected of me.
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