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The Evolution of the Palanquin

A school project about the evolustion of transportastion and so we have picked the palanquin because we can

Demir Ibrahim

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of The Evolution of the Palanquin

What is it?
A passenger conveyance, usually for one person, consisting of a covered or boxlike litter carried by means of poles resting on the shoulders of several men.
Wheel-less land transportation
Powered by humans
Efficient , it works on all terrain transportation
Also known as litters
Interesting Facts
The Palanquin was mentioned in the bible song 3:9
Royalty traveling in the litter had a jester following them to tell them tails and jokes to keep them entertained
The Humans caring the litter are Boyees and they where paid well and had a good life called
A Type of encased human transportation
There are different types in: Egypt, India, Ancient China, England and Greece
Sizes, Shape and # of Humans
• Originated in east Asia but were exactly is unknown
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