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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated

No description

Kayy Robinson

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated

Assists the President
Presides in absence of the President
Directs program activities and initiatives
Uses leadership skills
Demonstrates human relations skills
Participate on Exec. Committee

Is compete and effective in the use of the Parliamentary Procedures
{Robert's Rules of Order}
Familiar with Alpha Kappa Alpha documents
Chairman of the Bylaws committee

"broadcast of service to all mankind"
Serves as a hostess when guest are present
Receives and introduces all visitors
Serves on welfare and social committees
Extends courtesies
Is congenial and dependable
Demonstrates good communication skills
Shows sensitivity to individuals and groups
Demonstrates knowledge of and adhere to sorority documents
Exhibits knowledge
Expedites chapter meeting and business
Prepare and submits timely reports
Maintains appropriate relationship with Regional Director
Records rapidly and accurately
Maintain minutes properly
Maintain committee reports
Assists agenda preparation
Records information
Notifies members of meetings
Conducts general correspondence of chapter
Maintains correspondence file
Participates on Exec. Committee
Follow proper financial procedures
Keeps orderly record of income and expenditures
Makes timely deposits of funds
Is bonded
Reconciles monthly bank statements
Prepares and presents monthly reports to include: Balance on hand the 1st of the month
Indicates income received and sources
Maintains cash disbursement journal
Signs vouchers
Follow Financial Procedures
Complies, types, and edit news releases
Disseminates new releases to media
Establishes contacts and rapport with local media
Conducts annual PR workshop for chapter
Receives chapter funds
Records funds
Receipts of the funds totals
Transfers to Tamiouchos
Keeper of the door during meetings
Verifies membership for admittance at the meetings
Attends all meetings
Implements the activities of the MIP in accordance with Constitution
Attends Rush
Ensure officers do designated tasks
Studies and signs all forms
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated
Anti- Basileus
Pecunious Grammateus
Technology chair/ committee
Membership Chair person
To inform the public of activities and programs
Connections Committee
Identify and study national and international issues which impact the quality of life; design strategies for communication with the membership regarding these issues
Archives Committee
Serves as the custodian of Beta Gamma print and non-print materials.
Membership committee
Songs/ Social/ Protocol
Responsible for the execution of Alpha Kappa Alpha's International communications strategy. This includes media interface, the corporate website and social media platforms.
Graduate Advisor
Acts as a liaison
Oversees all undergraduate activities
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