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Tecumseh prezi

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Ginni Lehl

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Tecumseh prezi

Tecumseh Who Was Tecumseh? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tecumseh Bibliography The War Of 1812 Tecumseh rallied his confederacy and allied his forces with the British army invading the Northwest Territory from Upper Canada. He joined British Major-General Sir Isaac Brock in the Siege of Detroit, helping to force the city's surrender in August 1812.Tecumseh had about 400 people and told them to circle around the woods so the americans would think he had thousands of men and after that Brigadier General William Hull, surrendered in fear without a shot even being fired. Family Of Tecumseh Interesting Facts - Tecumseh was born on March 1768 and died at October 5, 1813. Tecumseh grew up in Ohio during the American Revolutionary War and was constantly exposed to warfare. American forces killed Tecumseh in the Battle of the Thames, in October 1813. His confederation fell apart, the British deserted their Indian allies at the peace conference that ended the War of 1812. Tecumseh had lived with his, mother Methotaske his father Puckshinwa and his brother Lalawethika who would later change his name to Tenskwatawa. His father Puckshinwa was brutally murdered when Tecumseh was five years old. Tecumseh's name in Shawnee means "Shooting Star" - The Shawnee tribe was named after Tecumseh's grandmother Shawnee - Puckshinwa Tecumseh's dads name in Shawnee mean's "Alights from Flying", - Methotaske Tecumseh's mothers name in Shawnee mean's "[One who] Lays Eggs in the Sand"
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