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"Was it a Dream?" by Guy de Maupassant

No description

Twyla D'Souza

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of "Was it a Dream?" by Guy de Maupassant

"Was It a Dream?" Written by: Guy de Maupassant Translated by: Majorie Laurie Introduction Summary Man wanders graveyard alone Rising Action Returned to Paris
Grieving the loss of his lover Crisis He notices his lover's tombstone was changed Climax Jacques Olivant rewrites his tomb stone "She loved, was loved, and died" Here lies Jacques Olivant,
who died at the age of fifty-one.
He loved his family,
was kind and honourable,
and died in the grace of the Lord Having gone out in the rain one day
in order to deceive her lover,
she caught cold and died Here reposes Jacques Olivant,
who died at the age of fifty-one.
He hastened his father's death by his unkindness, as
he wished to inherit his fortune;
he tortured his wife,
tormented his children,
deceived his neighbours,
robbed everyone he could,
and died wretched. Man falls unconscious Falling Action At day break, he is found on the ground, lying unconscious Conclusion First Person Narration Point of View Man vs. Himself Conflict Man vs. Supernatural Love Deception Betrayal Archetypal Patterns the lover the fool the sinner Darkness/ No moon Symbols The journey or Quest Plot Type The Love Plot Cemetery Fog "That you produce the effect of truth better by painting people from the outside than from the inside." Questions -Author Henry James How does this quote apply to "Was It a Dream?" There are many different ways to interpret the title. "Was It a Dream?" Which one do you think best fits the story? Consider what the author's purpose might have been in choosing this ambiguous title. Themes
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