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Blood Red Road

HAHAHHAHEHRHEHRHERHERHHERHUEHUEHUEHEU It's the Blood Red Road presentation, what else?

Steven Xu

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Blood Red Road

Plot Blood Red Road [Some] Characters Saba



Nero The Settings Silverlake





The Black Mountains

Freedom Fields Exposition Climax Initial Incident Rising Action Falling Action Denouement Post-apocalyptic Dustlands: 1 A book by Moira Young N E S W The Trackway Silverlake Proctor John's protagonist
narrator Saba's twin brother
taken by Tonton Saba's younger sister
general hindrance to Saba's adventure
only follows Saba because she loves Lugh (Saba doesn't like her at first, but then grows to like her more) Saba's pet crow
saves Saba
Hopetown believes he is where the Angel of Death gets her power from Saba, Lugh, and Emmi's father
"reads the future" in the stars
believes in things like rain dances and rituals Saba rescues him as Hopetown burns down
Saba falls in love with him group of freedom fighters in Hopetown
help Saba rescue Lugh
rescue fighters from the coliseum
burned Hopetown to the ground head of Tonton
doesn't like to obey the King
during the fight against the King, saves Saba Saba talks about her life at Silverlake Small wrecker village Wrecker Plane Field Land boat meeting Hopetown The Colosseum Tonton take Lugh and kill Pa Mercy Sandsea Wrecker planes Hopetown Pa


Free Hawks

DeMalo Pinch's Castle Sandsea Hopetown, one month later One-eyed man Freehawk Base Hellworms Freedom Fields
Fight against King's army Darktrees Chasing the King Goodbyes Freedom Fields "Corpse River" Hellwurm Lake Last Stand Black Mountains One-eyed Man Hoodoos
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