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Manage anger

No description

Garry Francis

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Manage anger

Manage anger

Know how to get calm.
What if we do nothing?
Well let's see.
Idea 1
deep breaths.
Idea 2
Go away.
Describe the current situation
someone is annoying you and won't stop.
Describe the desired state
For that person to stop.
Describe the idea you think is best
ask to stop.
Anger is bad.
To succeed in this task.
deep breaths
go away
ask to stop
go away
Challenges and opportunities
You probably want to attack.
Identify the problem
If you attack you'll get in trouble.
Explain what success will bring
You don't have a consequence.
What you want to do
Punch the guy in the face.
How things would improve
If someone got him to stop.
How problems can be resolved
Without violence.
a lot less work.
Won't solve any thing.
Gets you calm.
Guy doesn't stop.
Guy can't annoy you.
You'll probably miss some stuff.
You show some maturity.
Doesn't always work.
Refer back to the pros and cons
Pros are good things and cons are bad.
Explain how it will help
The guy might give up.
Describe the next steps
Prepare to repeat.
Based on Jim Jarvis's speech structures
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