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No description

lauren watkins

on 14 June 2016

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Transcript of Cuneiform

By: Lauren Watkins
Writing was apart of a lot of the school learning system.

Many schools trained boys to write the cuneiform script.

Until the were men boys, practiced writing the words and script over and over again.
Trained young men to become scribes
Help the communication become more effective
More of an efficient way to read literature on tablets
Educational systems & writing system advanced over time
If kingdoms wanted to send warning to others they can send a tablet next door.
Sumerian kings created many traditions and cultures about advancing education and the writing system with cuneiform.
Did you know......
a real
What does your writing look like?!
Cuneiform was very important resource to the Sumerians and Mesopotamian.
Even the education and literature today have more advanced writing systems.
Many civilizations soon developed more writing forms
Cuneiform was practiced and performed on clay tablets with sharp reed sticks to keep the symbols and words on the clay.

Now people use paper,pencil,pen or a computer screen.
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