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Copy of Order of Operations

No description

Thomas Wolford

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Order of Operations

Order of Operations What's a PEMDAS??? PEMDAS is a way to remember the order of operations. Just like we have an "order"
when we put on our shoes
(pants, then socks, then shoes!)
we have an order when we do math. Parentheses (4+5)2=18 We do what is in parentheses first! 9x2=18 Exponents 4+2 =8 2 Simplify any exponents! 4+4=8 Multiply AND divide VERY IMPORTANT: These two steps GO TOGETHER!
Do any multiplication or division
from LEFT TO RIGHT. 5x6+8x2=46 Simplify, from left to right! 30+16=46 Addition and Subtraction Very Important: Just like multiplication and division,
these two steps go together. We
complete them from LEFT TO RIGHT. 12-6+5=11 Simplify, from left to right, again! 6+5=11 "Isn't there an easier way to remember it??" Let's try an example! (12+5x3)+6x4=_____ What does PEMDAS tell us to do first? (12+5x3)+6x4=_____ Once you're in the parentheses,
do all operations in the same order
that PEMDAS tells us. Do we have:
Any exponents??
Multiplication or division??
Addition or subtraction??
(12+5x3)+6x4=_____ (12+15)+6x4=___ 27+6x4=_____ PEMDAS Now that we're done with parentheses,
what's next? PEMDAS 27+6x4=_____ 27+24=_____ PEMDAS 27+24=51 Now you try!

2+(3x4+5)-1= WARM UP Do you know the order of operations?
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