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Unit 19 Presenting Facts, Animations and 3D space in ASL

Best practices on how to use simple flash animations in combination with prezi Path and Frames - to achieve a strong narrative.

Erin Sullivan

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Unit 19 Presenting Facts, Animations and 3D space in ASL

Presenting A few tips in setting up Whole-Part: fig. 1 fig. 2 Hey! Did you know? Facts Unit 19 Tricky! How can we show the motion of falling?
The movement on the path creates a feeling of falling over, and your body language when falling comes into play. . Lets watch a commercial. Lets see what the concept is and how its conveyed. Here, the illusion of speed is created by placing marks with various spacing along the Path between two frames. How do we create that in ASL? Here are some more facts we can break down. Lets identify the whole and the part for each fact. 1. Set up the whole

(use raised eyebrows)

2.Tell about the part using

either percentages or fractions.

3.Contrast the part with rest

of whole and add comment.

Now your juggling!
We just learned how to use the
3 steps in Whole-part translation.
Now we can communicate fun interesting facts! ...and don't forget:
there is a lot to
explore in Prezi There are 6 to 14 frogs species in the world that have no tongues Its called 3D space, using expression and classifiers to create the space around us.
Lets watch a video of a Deaf man using 3D space in his story. See if you can recognize it. Don't worry about every sign, focus on the context. LOOK a flying pig! And now for your partner assignment:
Lets get into small groups.
Go ahead and partner up
with the person across from you.

You'll pull from a deck of flash cards
with random facts.

It is your job to practice
translating into ASL these facts to your partner.

Your partner must sign to confirm
what that fact is.
Once confirmed you may go ahead
with the next fact.

Each team will share the most interesting
fact they learned from their partner. Homework?

You must complete Comparisons worksheet in DROPBOX.
(translated and email to me before next class)
YOu will be sharing one of those facts, know how to sign all)

Also Memorize your song!! DId you know 1 in 12 deaf children has deaf parents? Only of 9 teachers of the deaf is deaf themselves. 1 40% of Americans say they dream in color, 23% of Americans say they dream in black and white

Translate. (Figure out what the topic or whole is?)
Then compare and contrast with important information (comments/parts) 12 deaf children Whats the comment?? Listing A. Ranking

1. Establish the topic
[raised eyebrows]
2.Ask a rhetorical question to focus on the topic.
3.List items by rank on your weak hand.

B. Top Five

1.Establish the topic
[raised eyebrows]
2.Ask a rhetorical question to focus the topic.
3.List items on the weak hand.

C. Top, most, oldest

1.Establish the topic
[raised eyebrows]
2. Ask a rhetorical question.
3.Tell which is the top, most or oldest. The best selling books are, in order
the bible, cookbooks, and books on child-raising. Topic Best selling books With what do I setup the rhetorical question? How do we show when list items by rank on your weak hand? Comparisons 1a. name the topics being compared
[use contrastive structure]
2a.Pose a question (use rhetorical question)
1b.Pose a question
[use rhetorical question]
2b.Name the topics being compared
[use contrastive structure].

3.Supply an answer
4. Give interpretation by addressing either
why it is true
what should be done Babies of deaf parents learn to use
sign language about 3 months earlier
than babies of hearing parents learn
to speak. Topics
babies of Deaf parents (DP)
babies of hearing parents (HP) Question
who learns to communicate first? Information
babies of DP learn first,
3 months before babies of HP INterpretation
the voice box takes longer
to develop than hand movements,
or, we should use sign language with all babies *there is no correct interpreation,
As you formulate your interpretation,
address either the reason why it is true or
what should be done to change, prevent,
or improve the situation. lets see how this speaker presents facts.
Go ahead follow along and try to catch which kind he uses? listing, Whole-part, or comparisons?
What kind of fact did he present? now this speech
its the kind you need to watch a few times! Watch at home, and list 15 new signs you've learned. Your turn! Follow format.

Top schools, I want attend. . .
1.Finger-spell school, and reason why.
2. . .
3. . . TOPIC:
(RS left) FROGS 6,000 species
(RS right)14 Frog species tongues have? NO.
(RS left) HAVE. One deaf child has Deaf Parents The other 11 deaf children
have hearing parents Topic/ Whole Part of the whole
also the comment. Now lets practice using our classroom.
How many students?

Create a fact- (example)
12 students, 5 wearing glasses, 7 not.

Lets go around the room and practice whole/part using our classroom.
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