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Renaissance Influence on Modern day society

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Tanner McDaniel

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Renaissance Influence on Modern day society

Renaissance Influence on Modern day society
Jullius Ceaser
by William Shakespear is an example of how the Renaissance has been brought into the Modern world. This book shows how Shakespear was able to bring the characters to life and show their true emotions. This represents humanism because the author was able to freely express his opinions and thoughts seperate from religion.
The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is a prime example of how art began changing into what it is today. The characteristics in this painting look more realistic and life like than art before this time. Da Vinci helped set the pathway for the discovery of the human body and anatomy. Humanism is represented because he was able to paint someone that did not have to do with the religious movement.
The Doric columns seen here are from the Renaissance period. These types of columns are still used today to help hold up buildings and structures, as seen on my front porch. This represents humanism because the creation of these columns benefit and makes life easier for todays society and was what humanism was all about.
The invention of the toilet changed the way people live today. Without it, their would be major sanitation issues. The invention is an example of humanism because people were available to express their own opinions and ideas.
The invention of the printing press has continues to have an impact on todays society. The invention represents humanism because it made it easier to print books. This helped more people explore the world of books.
Printing Press Invention
by: Tanner McDaniel
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