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Animal cells vs. Plant cells

No description

Tavonte' Campbell

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Animal cells vs. Plant cells

Animal cell
By:Terrell Wagner &
Tavonte' Campbell. First Animal cell Plant cell Second Third plant cells' are more of a boxed shape than
a animal cell which are considered a circular-like shape. Second Plant cells are green colors because the chloroplast makes the cell green. Unlike animal cells, which have two
vacuoles, an plant cell has only one vacuole. Animal cells are more warm colors like
red , orange , etc. Animal cells vacuoles are smaller because the
specimen are able to get their own food. First What do they have in common Third Animal cells are more a
circular shape. Mitocondrias
Cell mambrane What do they do
NOT have in common Cell wall
Chloroplast Vocabulary Organisms is a living thing made of the same tiny building blocks.
Unicellular or a one-celled ,organism is made of a single cell that carries out it's
life processes,
and more. Quiz 1.Which exists in both animal and plant cells. A.chloroplast
B.cell wall
D.chlorophyll Matthias Jakob Schleiden and Theodor Schwann developed "the cell theory"
in 1839. Who discovered cells and named them? The cell was first seen by Robert Hooke in 1665,also
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