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Creative Individuals and Mental Illness

No description

Anna Lambert

on 13 January 2016

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Transcript of Creative Individuals and Mental Illness

Work is therapy

Biggest Asset
Mental illness can help them with
their work
Creative Individuals and Mental Illness
By Anna Grace Lambert
The tortured genius stereotype
Why does this matter?
Should we treat mental illness in highly creative people?
- Frontal lobe activity is nearly
indentical for both depression and creative
thoughts. High levels of dopamine cause
schizophrenic behavior and an influx of
creativity. (Sussman)
But mental illness hurts your work schedule, right?
Five elements of psychological well-being
Suicide rates
Expression into pieces brings
Helping others
Inspiration to create work
like artists
"A large understanding of our ideas come from our own perceptions."
-John Locke
-Expressing mental ailments creates motivation.

-Art therapy is a way of treating mental illness through art, dance, music, writing, etc. (American Art Therapy Association)
-Positive emotion, engagement, accomplishment, positive relations, and meaning. (Friedman)
"Without music, I'd be a lot more screwed up and would be missing the thing that gives me the most happiness in my life."
-Edgar Allan Poe, Van Gogh, others and what their pieces express.
-Family and friends of mentally ill can have a better idea of how they feel and construct a stronger support system
-more art therapy for everyone, less crippling mental illness
-Eyseneck Person Questionnaire measures coldness, egocentricness, aggresiveness. (Simonton)
-Without art, creative expression is nonexistent and imagination is not encouraged
Works Cited
Artists should continue creating their pieces and expressing themselves as they have done. It is the job of the friends and family to give them support and encourage them to continue in art therapy.
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