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No description

Brandi Marion

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Tanning

Tanning Beds The Negative Effects of... We see things happening to others everyday. People are just trying to look their best and please everyone else. But the things we see happening aren't good they are hurting them and it starts to hurt us as well. These ultra violent rays put a negative effect on society. The people that use tanning beds might not notice them but others notice...... A LOT! It can cause ocular melanoma, or eye cancer. It can also cause skin cancer, wrinkling of skin, aged skin, and can cause sun spots. More than 59,000 people are diagnosed with melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, each year from tanning beds. Exposure to UV rays can affect the immune system, making your body vulnerable to diseases. When the people in our society see these things happening from tanning beds we want to get rid of them and that's what we should do. They can make you look too dark, give you scars and make you look old. Yes, sometimes a tanning bed can do a good job and make you look really nice but when people use it too much you can end up looking like this I don't think anyone wants that.... Though tanning beds are way better than the sun, they can still really hurt your skin if you use it too much. We need to get rid of the tanning beds. People need to feel good in the skin they are in. Tanning beds aren't worth getting cancer for. Work cited:
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Brandi Marion
Danielle Howard Period 5 Indoor tanning is really not a good thing....
This is a video exaggerating the process of indoor tanning.
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