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No description

Hossam Gamal

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of SAVO MARKET PLAN

Executive Summary
This Project Involved The Design And Construction Of  SAVO Marketing Plan Which Is Going To Show How We Are Going To Re-launch And Introduce SAVO The Egyptian Brand With A New Image , Quality ,Package , Affordable Prices And Marketing Activities .

Market summary
Target Market

We are targeting two different sectors .

1st the privet market “ low and medium social class “.

2nd  The key Accounts ( Hospitals , Hotels , Factories ……..,,,etc. )
Market summary
Market Demographic

Behavioral Segmentation

 The initiator will be housewife
 The influencer ( housewife or sellers in the markets )
 The decider and buyer could be the housewife or the husband )
 The user will be the housewife

Market summary
Target Market

We will target the whole Egyptian woman from 20 to 55 years old

middle and low social class
savvy shoppers
over whelmed
Market summary
Market Demographic

Geographically We will segment the Egyptian market based on regions ( Cairo, Alex , delta, upper Egypt ).

Demographically we will target females from 20 to 55 years old In low and moderate social classes with moderate income 2000 LE to 7000LE
Generation :
1- ( 70th )women ( more encouraged by Egyptian products)
2- ( 80th )women ( more influenced by design and additives )

Market trend

Firstly the only form available from along of time “ Powder form “
Then “powder with fabric softener & pleasant scent

Up trend toward GEL and capsules form which avoid traces on clothes

Market Needs

High Quality ,Different Forms , Affordable Price & Availability

Market Growth

Detergent market growth rate 2014 Vs 2013 was 5%
Detergent market growth at 2015 will be 5 %

SWOT Analysis


Nile Oil & Detergents Factories “ Different Governorates “

Powerful Work Force

Egyptian & Familiar Brand

Affordable Price

Governmental Fund

Rapid Market Growth

Majority Are Price Oriented

Patriotism Will Increase Demand
On Egyptian Products


Quality Of The Product

Awareness And Poor Distribution

Powder Form Only

Old Perception


Tough Competition

Political And Economic Environment

New Entry Products








High Quality

Different Forms

Affordable Price

High Technology

Affordable Price

High Price

Limited Forms

High Cost

Low Performance
In Low Suds Form

Product offering

SAVO Will Introduce Bleaching Powder, Fabric Softener & Pleasant Scent, It Will Introduce

This Feature Through Using The New Technology And Using Row Material With High Quality.

SAVO Will Provide Brightness Formula With A Powerful Active Stain Remover And Achieves Full Washing Performance Even At Low Temperatures.

We Will Develop The Powder To Be More Soluble ..This Will Reduce The Consumption Of Water During Washing .

Key to success , critical issues
Developing R&D department to maximize quality

Build strong distribution channels .

Ensuring that SAVO is available in all shops and retailers .

Recruit new people to assist in the developing and sales of the product.
Marketing strategy
Mission statement
Our company is Egyptian company with
deep roots in the country.

We serve the everyday needs of all consumers everywhere for foods and detergents through branded products and services that deliver
the best quality with affordable price.

Marketing Objective :

To be the best possible cleaning solution
in the market”

Build strong brand Identity

Introduce high quality with affordable price

Developing new forms with using new technology

Increase market shares to achieve 3.3 % market share.

Financial objectives
Total detergents market in Egypt is 3 billions LE
at 2014 .

SAVO achieve 3.3 % market share ( 98.,150,000 ) at 2015 with the settled budget 64,000,000.

Increase our investment and increase the payroll and expenses of workforce to match with the market offer.

The whole Egyptian women from 20 to 55 years old in middle and low social classes and savvy shoppers and overwhelmed.

For women who need high quality and affordable price detergent … SAVO is a detergent which give you the best cleaning power with less effort ,, unlike tide,, SAVO is Egyptian product
Marketing Strategy ( 4Ps )

1- Product

Unlike competitors SAVO offers the
following features with affordable price

It will offer bundle of bleaching power,
pleasant scent, and fabric softener.

It will offer for different types of fabrics
white, colored and black

It will offer different forms powder and gel

It will offer different packaging size

2- price

Pricing policy must meet both
Financial objectives
Mission ( quality & affordable price)

SAVO will offer value pricing through reengineer its
operations to become a low-cost producer..

The total cost will consideration the sum of the fixed and variable costs for any given level of SAVO production .

allow 1% discount to distributors & whole sellers on purchase of 500 pack of SAVO .

125 gm.

1 kg.

1 Liter Gel

125 ml Gel

4 kg Automatic

3 kg Automatic

3 Liter Gel

1.5 E.P

8.00 E.P

35 E.P

45 E.P

1.25 E.P

16 E.P


Powder And Gel Form Prices
3 – Place

focusing on all areas to cover our target customer needs “ low and middle social class “.

Distribution Channel
4 – promotion

Outdoor Media Agency is appointed for the
advertising campaigns via media campaign, online adds ,billboard and signboards.

building strong Sales force team to build strong relation with big retailers and intermediaries .

sales promotion increased by 10%

Market program

Pricing : affordable price


getting the right product to the right customer in the right place at the right time

SAVO will be available in wholesalers, hypermarket, retailer, small groceries.

Market program

Advertising :

campaign for build awareness& brand identity

sponsorship of some social awareness program

Customer service

Design hot line number to receive any complain from distribution and end consumer

Reshape the company website to communicate and receive customer new idea

Marketing research

SAVO produce in Nile oil & Detergents factories
which found in different Governorates all over Egypt .

company will upload the modern technology For
use in manufacturing.

SAVO offer the bundle of bleaching power, pleasant scent, and fabric softener for different types of fabrics in different forms

SAVO will serve the low and medium social class with high quality and affordable price


Break Even Analysis
Break Even Analysis

Annual Units Break-Even 1828572 unit from 3 kg package.

Annual Sales Break-Even 64 million E.P

Sales Forcast
Expense forecast
Marketing expenses are to be budgeted so they peak several months before a busy period, providing visibility at a time that people are scheduling future parties.

The following areas will be monitored to gauge

Revenue: monthly and annual.
Expenses: monthly and annual.
Repeat business.
Customer satisfaction.

Monthly expense budget

Marketing Expense

Web Site


Printed Material

Total Sales and MarketingExpenses

It is important to accomplish each one on time and on budget.
Marketing Organization
Contingency Planning
The company has planned for several
undesirable scenarios, all of which
are unlikely:

A similar Detergent provide th same quality with the lower price. (More aggressive promotional campaigns).

5000 L.E
50000 L.E
1000000 L.E
10000 L.E
10000 L.E
2000 L.E
15000 L.E
100000 L.E
5000 L.E
150000 L.E
Market summary
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