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Language Of Advertising

By Katie Jago Year One Photography.

katie Jago

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Language Of Advertising

This is how my first shoot in the studio/cove was laid out.I have my subject in front of the camera with the tungsten light to the right of me with a diffuser in front of it. Research (Task one)
This shot had a simple white background, and was shot in a studio. The strawberry and chocolate drop are on a slightly frosted plate, therefore they are slightly raised. There was no reflector in this photograph, this is because the light was reflecting on the the chocolate drop. Therefore they most likely would have used flash on this photo. This is because a Tungsten light would have melted the food as it gets very hot. The strawberry and the chocolate drop are both covered in vegetable oil, this add shine to them both. This photograph has most likely been colour boosted in post production. Depth of field has been used in this photo. This photograph is also using the rule of thirds. There is a lot of texture in that as of the strawberry. There are light and dark colours in the image. This photograph could be used for a restaurant dessert. It could be for an advert for a supermarket to promote different foods. Research
This photograph is a model from the high street shop ‘URBAN OUTFITTERS’. This was also shot in a studio. This has a blue backdrop with the model standing in front of it. This shot probably has used a reflector and maybe a tungsten light. They may have also used a fan to blow the models hair. I reckon the light would have been set up to the left of the model as there is not as many shadows there. This was more than likely that this model has been photoshoped to make her skin flawless, they may have also enhanced the colours. There was no text applied t this photo. This is a portrait photograph with lots of colour in it. The rule of thirds has not been used as she is very central. There is some texture in the backdrop. This image is to promote the clothing worn in the shot. It will be used on the clothing website for people to see what the clothing looks like on a person. I will also be used in their magazine. Colour temperature chart.

Daylight circa is 5500k.
Flash lighting circa is 5500k.
Tungsten lighting circa is 3200k.
Candlelight circa is 800-1000k. Health and safety
clear all bags away
no eating or drinking in the room. (expensive equipment around)
Do not sit on any of the kit,
Report any faults or spills e.c.t
Do not fire the flash within a metre of a person. (can cause eye problems)
The pubic are not aloud to handle the equipment,
Take care with the equipment,
Use extension leads when needed.
Do not wear shoes whilst on the white flooring.
Do not step on the cure of the cove as it will brake.
Clean up when your are finished.
Tungsten lighting

Arri is 650 watts.
With a Tungsten light, what you see is what you get.
These lights get very hot. You need to wear gloves when handling them. They also need 30 minutes to cool down.
You will need a stand to hold the light.
Pros and cons for Tungsten lights
Can use shutter speed and aperture.
What you see is what you get.
The light ‘wrap’ itself around the subject.
Can get very hot.
Cost Of running it.
Lower power output. Tungsten light

The Barnyard doors.
Fresnel lens Stand (make sure the front leg is forward)
Will need rigger gloves.
Studio first shoot (equipment)
One set of gloves,
A camera reflector,
A D90 or D80 camera. Research Photoshop Studio work Tungsten Lighting (shoot 1) Culture And Identity Research Task Films influenced the style a lot.
The MODS and the ROCKERS did not like each other.
The film ‘Quadrophenia’ that was released in 1979 was based on this era.
The 60’s was big for ‘Peace, Love and Community’.
The drug LSB was big.
The hippies wanted to get rid of ‘mainstream’.
The ‘Hippies’ had long hair, no makeup, flared jeans, lots of tie dye, most of the clothes would have been second hand, VW camper vans was the main car/transport, art became big.
WOOSTOCK FESTIVAL, the best music festival ever!
Jimmy Hendrix closed the festival.
The film ‘Human Traffic’ was brought out in the 1999’s and was all about the dance craze.
Surfing became more known as the americans went to Hawaii.
Elvis and the Beach Boys.
The film ‘Point Break’ came out. This is the anti war symbol, now known as the peace sign. It represented world peace. 1970’s
The disco parties were in full swing.The skinhead cult became big, they would have shaved all their hair off (the men) they also started to lie!Punk also became big, came from America in 1974, they were anti establishment.Unemployment hit its highest.
The fashion was lots of safety pins, doctor martins, leather jackets, men and women wore make-up, tattoos, lots of aggression.SKA music.
Political tension began to rise.
The film ‘This is England’ that was released in 2006 was based on this time.
Electronic music was being played.
Cross genders came out.
Live Acid 1970’s
The disco parties were in full swing.
The skinhead cult became big, they would have shaved all their hair off (the men) they also started to lie!
Punk also became big, came from America in 1974, they were anti establishment.
Unemployment hit its highest.
The fashion was lots of safety pins, doctor martins, leather jackets, men and women wore make-up, tattoos, lots of aggression.
SKA music.
Political tension began to rise.
The film ‘This is England’ that was released in 2006 was based on this time.
Electronic music was being played.•Cross genders came out.
Live Acid Band Aid
New Romantics, they developed in London night clubs, they would wear lots of eyeliner and would have ‘the mullet’ hair style.
these were influenced by the victorian era as they would wear corsets and a lot of black.
Hip Hop became a new craze.
People would rap, graffiti on walls, break dancing, RUN DMC, were very big.
For the first ten years of the hip hop stage it was frowned a pon.
They would wear, Adidas, Nike, Puma and Kango hats.
The dance music began.
The drug Ecstasy was taken a lot.
The criminal justice act was brought out so there was no raves or three party’s.
House music was big.
The Prodigy.
As well as tecno and jungle.
The fashion was long hair, baggy clothes and glow sticks. 1960’s: I will be talking about the 1960’s and the ‘Hippie’ stage. Woodstock was massive in the 60’s. This is a poster of Woodstock and Alice Maravilhas is playing. You can see how big this festival is, just by looking at the crowed. Lots of rock legends played here, such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and many more. There were lots of peace signs around this era as it meant anti war and world peace. Drugs was very common as well, mainly Marijuana. Tie dye tops were very popular along with the long hair and flared jeans. These clothes would most likely have been second hand as they wanted to get out of the main stream flow. ‘Freedom of speech’ they believe in also ‘make love, not war’. There were many strikes for various different occurrences. The hippies truly believed that everyone was equal, weather that was race, religion or wealth. It was all about loving everyone and bringing world peace. They wear against animal testing and thought this was wrong. They were naturalist and loved organic and natural things.

South America:I will also be talking about South Americas culture. South Americans were called the ‘Natives’. They were religious and went by the religion of Roman Catholic, however some were catholic, Islamic and Hinduism. Portuguese and Spanish were the predominant languages. However many more were spoken such as English, Italian and French. The music they would listen to or play were like the Samba that originated in Brazil. The Tango from Argentina. Pros for flash
Wider range of power output.
Colour temperature matches daylight.
Less heat as the light is not constant.
Lower cost to run.
More convenient to uses. (On-board flash)
Cons for flash
Limited aperture control in most cases.
Can not see the end result until the shot has been processed.
Speed of light can bounce of the subjects. (No wrap)
Can easily ‘spill’ too much light around the image and lens.
Requires ‘sync’ between the camera and the lights.
Using an electronic flash the minimum distance of least one meter, if not you are at risk of blinding them.
Use of aperture to control exposure.
Use of power output to control exposure.
Use of sharpers and flag to control exposure.
Modeling lamps are not 100% accurate.
Electronic flash sync i.e double check ‘sync speed’ requirements of each individual camera model to avoid ‘shutter lag’ Pros and cons for flash 1950’s
This was the era of ‘Rock and Roll’.
The war had just finished and people were just looking for fun.
The word ‘teenager’ was invented.
The style of the ‘Teddy boys and girls’ came about.
This was a new style wear the boys would wear jeans and leathers jackets.
The girls would wear long circular skirts and white shirts and neck scarves.
The film Grease that was made in 1978 was bases on the era.
Drugs was a heavy influence in the 60’s.
The vietnam war was in battle. 
Unisex liberation came about and there were more equal rights.
The Mods stereotype, witch was a fashion style of italian clean cut suits.
Soul and reggae was introduced.
The style of the rockers became fashionable.
They would wear Baggy  jeans and look very scruffy. Beauty & Rambrant lighting (shoot 3) This was how the shoot looked like when we did out beauty lighting shoot. I have my subject right in front of the camera and light. The light has a reflective umbrella in it to make the reflective light circular. I then have a reflector at the waist of the person to reflect more light on to them Light ‘Fall Off’

Once you go twice the distance you will have a quarter of the light.
A quarter of the light means you open up two F-Stops.
Half the distance means four time the light.
Four times the light means you close down two F-Stops.
Inverse square law: Twice the light source distance = one quarter the illumination Beauty Lighting Vs Rambrant David Bailey (born 1938) British fashion photographer.
Bailey brought sex to the camera. He photographed Jean Shrimpton for Vogue in 1965. Bailey was very flirtatious with his models he was also not shy about telling them what to do in front of the camera. He used a rolliefeles camera. He would make his images stand out. Erwin Blumenfeld (1897 - 1969) Famous American photographer, was originally from German. Erwin was the pioneer of colour photography. He also had his photo on the cover of Vogue in 1950. He worked on a 10 by 8 camera. Erwin had the most cover photos that vogue has had at the time.This photo is iconic and is still talked about today. As you can see by this photo he was very dramatic within his shoots. Erwin brought art and photography together. He also enjoyed retouching his images. Cecil Beaton (1904 - 1980) English fashion and portrait photographer. Cecil had very elaborate images and would retouch them once printed. He often had quirky surrounding witch were very classy. He would create his fantasy within his images. Cecil worked on a 10 by 8 camera where you would see the image upside-down as it had no built in mirror. Cecil did not shout at his helpers it was a very calm atmosphere where ever he worked. Rankins Documentary Richard Avedon (1923 - 2004) An American Photographer.
Richard was an optimism and worked very closely with Lillian Basmum, who is still alive today. Richard was known for his enthusiasm when in the progress of a shoot. He also worked for Harpers Bazar the magazine. One of is photos he was famous for was ‘Dovema with elephants’ in 1955.   Helmut Newton (1920 - 2004) He was german fashion photographer.
Newton had the most sexual photographs at the time. His photo with Rue Aubriot was the cover of vogue in 1975. Even though his photos were very sexual he was very distant from the models. Guy Bourdin (1928 - 1991) He was a french fashion and advertising photographer. He was a very dramatic photographer and had lots of energy with in his work. Worked for vogue in the 1970’s. He liked to advertise with art and brought the both together. A lot of his photos were unpublished and he threw it away so no on ever saw it. In a shoot he would take up to 700 photos at one time. He would use filters and lights during his shoot as well. Herb Ritts (1952 - 2002) Is an American fashion photographer. Ritts was the first person to photograph men in photo shot. His work was most famous in the 80’s. One of is most famous photographs Herb has taken was ‘Fred with tires’. He photographed workers in denim. People did not approve of male model. Macro Still Life. A macro lens is a prime lens, this means it has no zoom ring. You will most likely have a tripod to reduce camera shake. Things to consider:You will used the same lighting angles they you would use in a normal studio shoot.A shallower depth of field due to a reduction of distance. e.g. A smaller scale.The use of a ‘macro lens’ (photomicrography) this lens allows you to take close up shots and it will pay extra attention to detail and composition. Any camera shake will be amplified when shooting close up, therefore using a tripod and cable release are use full.Using coloured card for a backdrop will be use full.Lens hood reduce lens flare from the lights. Rios (examples)
1:1 The lights are equal.
2:1 There is one stop difference.
3:1 There is one and a half stop difference.
4:1 There are two stop difference.
1:1 e.g F8:F82:1
e.g F11:F84:1
e.g F16:F81:2
e.g F4:F5.6 Macro Shoot (Shoot 4) Advertising theory The purpose of advertising is to promote and sell product, it also advertises things that you didn’t know you wanted.
Make a product look appealing:
The colours you use with in an image is important as it can create a mood. You can make a product look refreshed as you can spray some water onto it. (Everything in an image is there for a reason.)
Brand familiarisation:
E.g the Apple sing If you were to see this you would know what brand it was for straight away. They are unique to each brand. Also Coca Cola, these adverts are on all year round but are known for their famous christmas advert. Happy families:
big family. All laughing and having a good time.
Rich , luxurious lifestyle.
What you wan to have.
Nature and the natural world. Language of advertising task This Photo, that is advertising ‘Clinique, even better eyes’. This product is aimed at older women as it reduced dark areas that are below the eyes. You can see by the image that the bottle of Clique is being advertised here. Even with the white background this product is still clear. Also with the pure background of the image you it give across that the product does not hold any harsh chemicals and it also pure. You can see by this image that it is taken from a magazine. As this product is for older women it would most likely have come from maybe Women Alive or maybe even Vogue. It is also advertised on TV. This avert will most likely would have had some writing to come with it, to explain the product. The slogan for this product is ‘Even better eyes’ and it is even written on the product itself. A shadow has be created and this could be representing the dirk circle that the product is trying to get rid of. Also Clinique’s adverts always have an egg in it when it is representing skin care, this is brand familiarity. This is so you will know that the egg represents Clinique. these sort of adverts work as they are advertised in the right sort of place so the right sort of people would be looking at the product. This would not work if it was not advertised in the right place. This advertisement is run by the government and the NHS. This advert is aimed at smokers. The photo is basically saying that you as a smoker are hocked to them. This photo literally is showing this as the women has a hock in her mouth. This is using shock tactics, as when you see this image it is quite disturbing. This is so you remember what the point of the image is trying to get across. This image has some dialog with it. It is telling you facts about smoking. It also has a slogan, ‘get unhooked’. This advert is not trying to sell you something, it is trying to get you to realise the severity of smoking. This advert will most likely be in most places, like billboards, magazines (take a break, heat.) I would say these sort of adverts do work however i would say that the smoking one would not work as well as the NHS would like. I think this because so many people smoke that it would take alot of people to convince the amount of people to take the advert to heart. IDEAS Cecil Beaton Cecil like to incorporate art with his photographs. So the backdrop of this photograph is someones painting. Rich Lewis This image by Rich, not one part of it is photoshoped. Everything you see here is what was in front of the camera. The scissors that you see are actually handing from the celling. The step ladder is also real and is painted white with black marker drawn on it. Rich Lewis This is also a photograph by Rich and as you can see the car is completely white, outlined with black marker. It is also not photoshoped one bit. These use quote that makes you feel good.
Shock tactics:
Shocks you when you see it, therefore you will remember it.
It gets its point across.
The andrex toilet roll.
Make the product bigger. Where everything is placed.
Stereo type:
Why they look like that. The gender to who it is advertised for. The age group it is aimed at.
Sports personalities Photoshop cosmetics These photos (leaf and below) are examples of photoshop cosmetics. As you can see the original images are very different i.e smaller waist's clearer skin younger skin. A lot of advertising images are photoshoped to the extreme. This YouTube clip shows just that. Libel Libel means giving a false statement about someone or someones body. This could be a lie about what some one as done or said. It could be about someones body. This is because when an images is going through post production a lot of people shape bodies differently. Some people have taken people to court because of this. This magazine cover for National Geographic was taken to court for Libel. This was because the pyramids were moved closer together in the post production to get them both pyramids in the frame for the cover. However this is not how they look in real life so therefore it was misinterpreted. Now the National geographic have publicly said they will never misinterpret an image again. This image here is an avert for 'Chloe' perfume. As you can see they have made their product a lot bigger so you are able to easily identify. This is all down to composition. There is a lot of bight and summery colours in this photograph.The photographer would have chosen the appropriate background for this image that links in with the product. I like this image as you can clearly see what it is advertising. There is no need for text as you can see the brand on the perfume bottle. This image has made me think about advertising perfume as i can still have a natural looking model. It will just have the perfume in the image to. Ideas/research This image i have found on the internet. I have picked this photo as in my final photograph i would like my model to be wearing a flower crown. I will make this out of real flowers. I want pink roses as my flowers as i want my model to look very natural. The model will have very natural makeup and i will make her eyes stand out as i will be advertising mascara. However unlike this images i will have a plain white background and it will be shot in the cove/studio. Flash Lighting (shoot 2) Body Language (shoot 5) This is a makeup advert for 'Coco Chanel'. This photo has been photoshoped as the skin is smooth, lips are nice and pink and the hair may have had some highlight put into it. This image has depth of field as the top of the models shoulder is out of focus . The background is an off white with ties in with the models golden hair. Also the gold band around the lipstick is gold to link with the background and the golden hair. The would have also photoshoped the text and image of the lipstick, on the the photo of the model. I would do this with the brand of make up i am advertising. Photoshop Work Between 3 and 4, I liquified Rob and made his cheeks slightly thinner. META DATA Language Of Advertising This is how the lights were set out for this shoot. As you can see i have a soft box over the flash gun. I also have someone holding a reflector to the right of me. This was my first shoot using a flash. META DATA Beauty 
Uses a reflective umbrella.
0 degree angle.
Soft lighting and less contrast.
Will get the polo effect in the eyes.
Use the reflector under the chin / on the waist line of the subject.
Very modern.
Uses and flag and soft box.
45 degree angle.
Uses lots of shadows and a lot of contrast.
Has the triangle and butterfly effect.
The reflector is at the side of the subject.

Both of these types of lighting has its benefits for different type of photo shoots. META DATA This is a table with a white background with an object on the table. I have my camera (with a macro lens) on a tripod to reduce camera shake. I then have my light with a soft box on it. Also another light with a snoot on. META DATA By Katie Jago My new ideas is to have s back shot of Phoebe holding her hair up. In her hair i will put flowers dotted around. Daisy's or roses. Her hair will be messy but look natural at the same time. Phoebe will be wearing lots of silver rings as i will be advertising "SILVER LION'. The rings will be similar to the images above. I have found these images (to the left and above, and thought i would put them in with my ideas as they are advertising jewelry. These images have a lot of the jewelry on the models. This is similar to what i want to do. The first image has a lot of naturals colours and the background colour is very similar to her hair. The light is also reflecting off of her blonde hair. The lighting would have been studio lighting and they have created a halo effect on the top of her head, this is created with a snoot. The light has taken out the focus of the models hair. This is because it is slightly over exposed. The photographer would have also told the model to pose how she is posing so he has looked in to her body language. He/she would have encouraged her to look like this. The photographer would have done their best to make her feel comfortable in front of the camera. This image on the right is very natural and I like this look so I thought I would pick this one out to talk about. This image is a lot more natural. This photo was most likely not shot in a studio. However it might still have used studio lighting. The light is streaming in by the models left shoulder. This looks like the sun. This image has a very natural feel to it and this is what the photographer would have wanted to interpenetrate. Even her body language is very calm and relaxed. This image, as you can see, is cropped. This would have been done in post production. IDEAS I have included the images in to my ideas as i thought about creating a similar layout as theses. I would take photos of a models eyes, doing all sorts of different things. I would have to tell my model to do this as i will need different body language effects. I would then crop the image similar to these and place then like these. this would be done in photoshop. I would have to make my model feel comfortable as she would be doing strange things with her eyes. I would use a female model. Her eyelashes would be nice and long and she would not have any eye shadow on her. As for the lighting i would have to make sure i use the reflective umbrella. This is so when the light is reflected in to the models eyes it is circular and not square. This will make the eye look more realistic. This image on the left, I have picked out as i really like the style of hair. It looks very natural and flouncy. The photographer would have told this model to look down at the floor with her mouth slightly open. This is all about body language. This body language is very calm and almost sad. She looks very relaxed and chilled out. With the flower crown in her hair it give the image a natural feel to it. The colours are also neutral with the white background. The lighting in the image is very soft this helps with the mood of the image. I picked this image out as i love the colours in it. As the model is fair skinned, the photographers has taken this in to consideration when editing. He has almost drained the colours out of it in photoshop. This links in with her fair skin. She looks very natural with rosy colours. With these colours it al,ost brings out a personality. She look like a shy and quiet person. She is looking directly in to the camera. With this image there is no distinctive light exposure as her skin is all one tone. It has soft feel to it along with soft lighting. Body Language Facial Expressions Body language is important when taking a photograph. This is because it will tell the mood of the image. Is someone is sad then you can tell this by the expression in the their face. This counts with any emotion, happy or angry. You can tell the personality through a facial expression weather they are shy or really outgoing. This is very important. This was how the lighting in the shoot looked. I has a reflective umbrella with the light and i was at 0 degrees with the light and model. This is a lighting diagram for the same shoot however half way through i added an extra light in with a snoot. This was so i could create an halo effect on the top of the models head. Practice Shoot META DATA This advert is for NSPCC, witch is to stop child abuse. This sort of advert is to make you feel sad. This is so you will give money to the charity as you will be helping the children. This advert has text on the image, these word are very strong. This is why there is not may words. The image is strong too as the little boy looks really sad. This image would be advertised on TV, in magazines. It would be advertised as much as possible to get the severity across. I think these images really work. anyone how would see these would feel sorry for the child and then would want to help them. This helps the charity in many ways to help save the children. IDEAS This advert is a subvert. A subvert is when you turn a normal advert into a joke. For example this one on the right is making fun of McDonalds and how the price might be cheep yet too much of this food will kill you. This advert is aimed at anyone who eats McDonalds. As you can see by this advert has dialog and text. The image is of a skull representing that if you eat lots of McDonalds it will end up killing yourself. This would probably be advertised on a billboard. It has humor involved with it as it is joke. These subverts are funny however i dont really see the point in them IDEAS This is an image of a group of hippies. It looks like the background of a studio. You can also see the soft box reflection on the glasses of the woman sat on the floor. This photographer has looked at the body language. As he would have asked the models to pose with a smile or use hand gestures. He has also thought about what they are wearing. This is important as if they were not wearing theses clothes he would have a completely different feel and look to the image. As the models are wearing velvet, it gives the image texture and life. There are lots of bright colours in this image. This help with the 'hippie' sense as they were very colourful and free spirit people. Idea one,
This first idea popped in to my head as soon as we were set the assignment. The idea was to have a black background with couple stood there with an umbrella with rain poring down on them. With a spot light set on them it would lightly light the rain up. They would be stood under one umbrella so they would be quite close to each other. they would be advertising “Little Woods” and I would have this logo in the bottom right hand corner. Above this i would have a slogan saying “Enjoy The Little Things”. However this being my first year and not having my own studio, I do not think that it would be appropriate that i mixed water and all the expensive light equipment. This was my first shoot at 'Still life' photography. Most people used and apple for their first shoot. However a lot of people were using this so i luckily had d this Buddha in my bag, and decided to use this.
1. This image has a nice shadow. You are able to tell where the light is coming from with the shadow.
2. In this image i have used the rule of thirds. The Buddha is to the right of the frame.
3. The shadow of this image is not that clear as of the angle i have shot this on.
4. In this image i have not captured the whole object. I need to make sure, when i'm taking a photograph that i capture the whole image in the frame.
5. This image is a little over exposed around where my object is holding a symbol.
8. This image i have missed out the bottom of the shadow. I need to be careful with this as i have no captured the whole image.
9. This is my favorite image out of this shoot as it has the rule of thirds and i have got the whole image in the frame. The exposure is just right. Texture in this image is good as the object has a lot of it. The light pick this up nicely. THE COVE ROOM 316 Photoshop
Nikon Raw file - NEF
Canon Raw file - CR2
Hasselblad Raw File - FFF
Adobe Raw File - DNG
When you have finished editing a picture in photoshop you need to make sure the size is in inches and inches by pixels. You need to make sure the resolution is 300 DPI (dots per image).
To save an images
File, save as,
Make sure the file format is Photoshop (PSD)
Or Large document (PSB)
JPEG, this should only be used if you are uploading ti to the internet.
TIFF, this saves the layers your create.
A Raw file you are able to edit the exposures up to two stops above and below. what you already have. This is useful if you are unable to reshoot.

There are 255 colours in Photoshop.

When you go to print an image it should be 300 DPI, if it was to be 72 DPI it would print very pixleated.

To zoom in and out. (Command + or -)
To make the brush bigger or smaller ([ or])
To move the image around hold the space bar. I have picked these image out as i thought it would be a cool idea, for my stereo type, to have a a homeless person. I would incorporate text saying "Everyone has a story". I thought of photographing my dad in some worn out clothes holding a big issue up to try and sell it. I would like to photograph an actual big issue seller. However i'm not sure how they would react, so for safety i will dress my dad up. I have brought a Big Issue magazine for this shoot. I picked a homeless person/ Big issue person as people always amuse they are dangerous. I have done this and sometimes they are just trying to get some help. As my dad was busy the weekend of my planed shoot i thought i would use myself. I will dress myself in scruffy clothes and have messy hair. I also brought a Big Issue so i shall incorporate this in to this image. I will not be able to shoot this in the location i would want so i have decided to crop the image so you can not actually see where i am. This way when you see the image you can imagine where i would be. In some of the images i would like to add a guitar into the frame so it looks like i am trying to earn some money. I have booked the equipment i will need for my shoot out of the ERC. I have booked it out from the 15th to the 20th of February. I plan to do my shoot with in this time. I have booked out;
Bx 500 kit, Two stands, Two soft boxes, A reflective umbrella, Light metre, Skyport, Circular reflector.
I plan to set up a mini studio at home. FINAL SHOOT FINAL SHOOT This was how my lighting was set up for this shoot. However sometimes i only had one of the lights turned on. I did not have a studio back ground as i was shooting in my bedroom. Practice Shoot This was how my lighting was set up for this shoot. However at some point i was at a 0 degree angle as i was doing a beauty shoot. I did not have the both light on all the time i also included a reflector. This was the lighting for my practice shoot. I did not have both lights on at all time and i did use a reflector. I also did not have the backdrop as i was shooting in my bedroom and i had white ish walls. This is a Photograph i have taken of my friend Jas. I have photoshoped it in photoshop. I have smoothed her skin out so it looks a bit more clear i have also enhanced the colour of he lips and eyes so they stand out a bit more. I have had a go at trying to make her neck a bit slimmer. this is called photoshop cosmetics. I did not need to photoshop Jas however i have to make her a bit smoother. I think the amount of photoshoppoing i have done to Jas is acceptable. However some people take it to far and it does not even look the the same person anymore. Photoshop This is a photograph i have taken of Phoebe I have photoshoped this image. I have not cleared her skin out or enhanced the colour of her eyes. I have however dulled the colour down and mad the flowers in her hair a little bit brighter. I have done this to improve the image slightly. This was how my lighting was set of for this practice shoot i was at a 0 degree angle. It was also the same as beauty lighting as i was using a reflective umbrella. The aim of the shoot was to get head shots like this and crop them so you can only see the top of their head. so from the top of the nose to the top of the head. I would do this for a few of the images and them put them together one under the other. 9.When i am shooting photos like these i need to make sure i give some body language through as my models are looking very plain and bored.
19. I have asked my models to look different ways. This is so i can crop there eyes and place them under one and other.
40. This one is quite dark im not sure the flash went off. Before After My opinion on photoshoping is that if the person in the photograph does not mind being photoshoped then it is ok. I think that some photoshop is exceptable however some is not. I would prefer to see the people as they really are. Rankins Documentary This vidio on the right shows how you can change and apearence with photoshop. Romance and love. The sex appeal. HEALTH AND SAFETY My first photoshop attempt. Idea two,
My second idea was to have a plain white background. With this background i would have a worn out pair of Vans, with a new looking pair of point ballet shoes. Then photograph two people wearing them. However it will be cropped so you are only able to see the bottom half of their legs. They both will be wearing the same clothes i.e jogging bottoms. The person wearing the ballet shoes will be on point wear as the person wearing the van will be relaxed and have one foot on point. This is to show that Vans are a comfortable pair of shoes and that any one are able to wear them. This is also a contrast as Vans are associated with skaters. I would have the logo for Vans in the bottom right hand corner. Therefore if this was advertised in a magazine it would be the last thing you would see on the page before you turned the page over. Therefore you would remember it. 1 2 3 4 1. This was my first ever shoot in the studio. As you can see i have some lighting equipment in the background. Next time i need to mkae sure this is not in the frame.
2. My model looks bored in this one, therefore in need to make sure i am telling the model what to do in the photo.
3 and 4. My model looks unconfotable in these. When shooing a model i need to make sure they feel comfortable around me and you will see this in the shoot.
5. In this photo she looks happy. In this shoot i have also played around with he white balence. The first five photos have an orangy tint to them. 6. As you can see the background is now white as i have changed the white balence. My model is on a slight angle with her face poined towards the camera.
9. This photograph my models eyes are shut. This is okay i just need to mkae sure my model is ready for the shot when i take it.
10. The background of this photo has the edge of the cove in it. This does not look good, thefore i need to take more care when shooting.
11. This image is out of focus, i need to make sure all of my images are in focus. 1. This was my first using the flash gun. As you can see there is a a slight shadow on the right side of my model. This shadow has been created as my modle it stood slightly to close the the background casting this shadow.
2. I have my modle right in front of me and she looking straight on. As you can see i still have the shadow in the right side of her.
4. In this shot i have asked my model to llok at the floor i have looked at the composition in this. I do need to work on body languge and creating a mood within the image.
5. The ange of this image is not great as you can not really see the models face that weel. I need to make sure i look more closely at composition.
6. I do like this image even though my model is not looking at the camera directly. I feel that is give the image a bit of reality. This would not be an orriganal portrait image ut i just like the composition.
7. This image, my model is in the middle of talking. This is okay if i have a long time to shoot, however if i dont i need to make sure that the modle if focused and knows what he/she is doing.
9 to 11. This images are al shot lanscape ways. This is not good as i am shoting a portrait photo. I need to make sure that i am holing the camera in the correct way.
13. The composition of this image is ok as i have the model covering most of the frame. Also the shadow has now gone as i have asked her to move forward slightly. This has reduced the shadow. 1. This is my first time shooing with beauty lighting. As you can see with this photo i have not filled the whole frame and there is alot of white above her head.
2. You can see with this image i have filled the frame out and there is not alot of of white around her head.
3 to 10. You can see that i have not filled the frame with these. I have not done a good job of asking my model to pose in good ways for beauty lighting. For this sort of lighting i should have asked her to be looking directly at the camera.
11. This is a good image as i have filled the frame and she is looking right at the camera. However the background is ment to be white and it is not. It looks asif there is a big shadow behind her. This could be as she is sat to close tot he background.
13. I really like this one as she looks really happy. i have also got the compositon right to. It is a little bit dark but that is just the shadow. I could have used a refector to lighten up her face. There is a highlight on her forhead from the flash but it is not to over exposed. 2. This photograph is over exposed.
7. This photograph is using body language and is looking angry. You can see this by the forward pointing and the facial expression. The dark back drop helps create more of s mood.
10. This image my model is looking shocked. I like how one side of her face is quite light and the other is shadowed. This could be as she is angled.
18. This image is over exposed on her hair. You can tell that we have added another light in now as of this.
28. I like this image of jealousy as i have a 'geek' behind the 'popular' person. I felt by adding another person in to these shoots you would really get the feel of jealousy.
33. This image has the body language of self conscious. I have asked my model to hold her body like this, as if she is self conscious. She has created a shadow behind her . 1. I have asked my model to wear a dark shirt for this as she had light hair. However it make the image look a a bit dull.
4. I have know asked her to wear a white shirt. This make the image look a bit more lighter and give it a soft feel to it. I have filled the frame with my model. As i am advertising jewelery i have asked her to hold her hair so you can she the ring she is wearing. Therefore i have looked at the body language.
19 to 24. I have asked my model to hold this topshop magazine up to her face like this so i can crop the image. I have asked her to look different ways with her eyes so i can put these under one another.
29. I do not like this image as it looks very boring. The texture of her hair does look good with all the curls that the light picks up. However the composition is not brilliant.
33. I have added a backdrop in, in these ones. However i do not like it. The images do not look as professional.
40. I like this image as her face is out of focus and the lighter is. I have used depth of field here. I like how i have cropped the image to. 5879. In this photo i have asked phoebe to look slightly to the side so i can see her earring. I have also asked her to hold her head down a bit. This is so it bring the photo to life a bit and she does not looks so stiff.
5895. I have no put the white shirt on phoebe along with a flower head band. This make the image look more natural. I have asked her to hold the shirt so you can see the jewelry. I think in photoshop i would crop the bottom of the image so it will get rid of some of her arm.
5903. I like this image as it is quite zoomed in. However if i was to re shoot i would make sure her necklace more central. I like how the flowers give the image some texture and shape.
5906. In this image i have asked phoebe to stand with he back to the camera but look the left and holder her shoulder. I have put her necklace round the back so you can see it on her back. I would crop this image so it was a bit more zoomed in similar to (5905).
5913. I have no added a perfume bottle in so it would be advertising perfume. This was not planed but i thought i would take some photos with it in to see what they looked like. This image is over exposed. She also has her eyes closed.
5917. I really like this image as i like how it has cropped her. I wish i had asked her to take some of the rings off but it does not look to bad. There is a slight bit on her nose that is over exposed but it is not that noticeable.
5919. This is one of my favorite images. I would crop some of the walls at the edges out but that can be done. I have also taken this in landscape form. I should not have done this.
5920. This is my favorite image. As i have filled the whole frame with phoebe you can clearly see the perfume bottle. I love the colours in the image and how the pick matches very nicely with her skin tone. META DATA META DATA META DATA Before After Before After 5826. I like this image as it has the rule of thirds in it. However i would photoshop the background so it looked like a wall instead of a blanket. This is so it looks more like i am on the streets.
5832 to 5838. In these images i was trying to capture the money falling from my hands. This was so you could see that all i had were pennies. I thought it would look different as well.
5856. I like this image as i have filled the whole frame. I has also stacked a pile of 2p's so you can see that i am wanting money. I like how you can see the big issue label in the floor next to me. However the image it a little dark.
5857. This is the same image, but i am out of focus and the pile of money is in focus. this means the image has depth of field. Again i have filled the whole frame. The rule of thirds have been used here to. OUR WORK The 'Big Issue' campaign, are there to help people that are living on the streets. They help them by supporting them whilst helping them get back on to their feet and build their life back up. They also support with their issues that put them on the streets too. They believe that it is possible for them to turn their lives around and build a bright future for them. They are 100% reliant on the donors and generosity from the public. Last year alone they worked with 3000 individuals on the streets. Never look down on someone,
unless you are helping them up. This is a photograph that was shot in a studio with studio lights. The light would have been placed the the right of the model as there is more of a shadow to the left. A reflector may have been used to brighten up the front of her face. The photographer would have asked the model to pose like this. This photo has been photoshopped as it has been converted in to black and white. They may have also smoothed out her skin. There has been no text applied to this photograph as it is a portrait shot. This would be used for maybe a present to a family member. Or even a photographers portfolio. I have picked this image out as, normally CHANEL adverts are classy. Where as this one has a cheeky take on it. I do not like the writing over the actually image as i think it make the image look a bit tacky. My final image has a cheeky take on a GUCCI image. William Baker This image of Kylie really captures the element of fun and girly concept of her. I like how it has a cheeky affect. I Like how the light is creeping in through the top right corner. I like the text on the top of the image even though it is right through Kylie. William does many different types of photography, not just advertising. He had worked with kylie alot and this is why he has photographer her for her perfumes. FINAL IMAGS This is an image i have made in photoshop. I have done this by cropping each image into the eye section. i have the placed them all together. If i was to do this again i would make sure that her face and hair were in the same place. This was just a practice shoot and i was just having a look to see how it went. It was not how i planed it to come out. This is my final image for my stereo type. I know this is not what would normally pop in to your head when you think of a stereo type. However i felt that the reason i picked it was reasonable. I have picked to stereo type the big issue sellers. This is because nobody really understands what the big issue campaign do for homeless people. They are there to help the homeless with all of there problems they offer counseling and help them get back on there feet. I made a point of looking helpless as it must be really hard for people to come to terms that they live on the streets. I set this shoot up in my room as i took out the BX 500 kit. I had one light with a soft box on it and the other with a reflective umbrella. I them place them infront of me but one to each side. I have put mud on my face to make it look like i have been ruffing it for a while. My hair is also messy and i have a few twigs in there to. I am sat on a sleeping bag and have an old blanket draped over my radiator so it looks like a wall of some sort. As you can see i am a bit of a contrast to the woman on the magazine. As she looks very clean and wealthy and i do not. In photoshop all i did was bring the clarity so everything really stood out, Changed it in to black and white and made the blacks a little darker. I also cropped the image slightly, and this i added the logo of the big issue in and made it slightly smaller so it was not to big in the corner. I did not originally pick this image to use as my final image however as was looking thought all of my images and this one stood out to me so i had a play around with it and it looked really good. I have god for the 0 degree angle with he photo and i have made me very centeral. If i was to reshoot this i would make my backdrop a little realistic. However i am really please with the image i think that it has alot of texture to it and i think it has been lit well. Overall i am verry pleased with it. This is my final image for my advertising. I was not originally advertising perfume. I was advertising jewelry this is why phoebe has a lot of rings on. It was not untill i was shooting that i thought i would add the perfume bottle in. I had set this shoot up in my room at home. I booked out the BX500 kit along with a skyport, reflector, reflective umbrella and soft box. I had one light with a soft box on that i did not have turned on. Then i had the other light with the reflective umbrella on it. I had this directly in front of phoebe. You can see in her eyes the reflection of me and the light in them. I have managed to get the light reflection in the pupils. As you can see there is a reflection in the perfume bottle this is me trying to hold a white towel over me so i am not in the reflection. I have told her to hold the perfume bottle like this so her hands have created a heart shape. If i was to reshoot this, i would ask phoebe to take some of the ring that i put on her before. I would also make sure that you could not see the reflection in the perfume bottle. In photoshop i have airbrushed her face by creating two layers. One were the clarity is high and the other low. I have then rubbed out on the high clarity. I have made her eyes a little bit bluer along with her lips being pinker. I have done this by selecting the area i would like to change and hen change the hue and saturation. I have taken way some some of her blemished. I cropped the image so there was just enough of everything in the image. I have added the gucci logo in to the bottom left of the corner. I firstly placed it in the bottom right hand corner however it looked like a tattoo so i moved it over to the left. Overall i am really please with how the image has turned out.
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