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Teaching Math through Play

No description

Celeste Lattanzi

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Teaching Math through Play

Teaching children through play Building Blocks


Stretch to Kindergarten

Technological Resources STEM Teaching Math Through Play: Blending Math, Science, and Technology Building Blocks building math concepts out of children's activities
using software that is designed for kids
work on spatial concepts and geometric concepts
in one study, curriculum improved children's sequencing, shape identification, composition of shapes, numerical strategies and spacial imagery over the control since 2007, Americans behind in math and science

increase hands-on inquiry-based activities in the math and science curriculum
ex: digging for dinosaur bones, meeting professionals, working with circuits

focus on process skills not just content knowledge

do scientific investigations for themselves other uses of technology by Celeste Lattanzi ex: teaching 1-1 have kids set a table
1 plate, 1 spoon, 1 cup, per person Addition and Pizza Children have three toppings, make it seven

- practice "counting on, finding change, and finding result" Kids can learn how counting and basic math apply to everyday life with Love to Count by Pirate Trio. By splitting a pizza evenly for the pirates, kids practice fractions. Counting the number of fish the pirates catch or playing with dominoes provides counting practice. Kids also can practice telling their left hand from right, basic time telling, shapes, and adding. By blending simple math skills into pirate games, Love to Count by Pirate Trio helps kids understand why math matters. Love to Count by Pirate Trio ABCMouse.com Kids can learn the fundamentals of math and reading and are introduced to art, music, science, and social studies. The content ranges from recognition of letters, shapes, colors, and numbers for preschoolers to reading comprehension and measurement for kindergarteners. Kids can visit the farm or the zoo areas to learn fun facts about animals. ABCMouse also includes printable items for kids to practice tracing letters, identifying patterns, and more. Engaging and customizable activities get young kids excited about learning and prepared for school. Supposedly free to all public schools in the USA and Canada.

Also: Netflix, Math Wizard, Universities offering camps on engineering for elementary students

professional development

more easily accessible STEM lesson plans magnified
glasses recipes legos: scales Sources Clements, Douglas H., Sarama, Julie. Effects of a Preschool Mathematics
Curriculum: Summative Research on the Building Blocks Project. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education. Vol. 38, No. 2 (Mar., 2007). National Council of Tearcher of Mathematics. Jstor. pp. 136-163.

Dejarnette, Nancy K."America's Children: Providing Early Exposure To Stem
(Science, Technology, Engineering And Math) Initiatives." Education 133.1 (2012): 77-84. Education Abstracts (H.W. Wilson). Web. 26 Apr. 2013.

Thomas, L., Warren, E., & de Vries, E. (2011). Play-based learning and
intentional teaching in early childhood contexts. Australasian Journal Of Early Childhood, 36(4), 69-75. - play as active
- teacher or child-led; who
leads the learning?

- children can transfer math
concepts from one game to
another with teacher's help
ex. Bingo, fishing games, Hungry, hungry hippo
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