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kashee negapatan

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of PET SHOP

Pet products for grooming continues to be of benefit from the growing pet trend, particularly in dogs and cats, in the Philippines.

Supply for the past years (imported or locally produced)
Projected supply pet products continued to be highly fragmented with few companies holding a significant category share in 2010. This competitive environment is expected in the next years as most players specialize in a certain category of pet grooming product. Limitations

This study will be limited with the outcome of the interviews and surveys. The information that will be uncovered in this study will be supported with the actual establishing of the business to have primary basis for more analysis of the business plan and to maximize the length of time given for this research. Commercial Area - Commercial areas in a city can take up about 5% of a city’s land. It is used for commercial activities. These activities include the buying and selling of goods and services in retail businesses, wholesale buying and selling, financial establishments, and wide variety of services that are broadly classified as "business". Even though these commercial activities use only a small amount of land, they are extremely important to a community’s economy
Financial Projections - is used by entrepreneurs and students to project the financial results of their ventures for a five-year period. This provides comprehensive spreadsheets for financial evaluation of all operational relationships, as well as company assets and competition comparisons. This is used when projecting the potential of a new business venture and is customizable for your company’s specific usage. To come up with a full business plan in establishing on our proposed business, we will first conduct a business feasibility study that will focus and analyze how this business will be possible. The aim of this study is to measure the capability of the business to stand and to foresee the future to help us provide consideration on how to operate this kind of business. It will also be a control process for identifying hindrances or problems to avoid losses and mismanagement, also to welcome opportunities to strategize a smooth flowing business. This study will as well conclude the purpose of the business, defining successful outcomes and assessing the range of the cost and benefits that the business will encounter. The importance of this study is that it will have an effective way of reducing or minimizing the cost and wastage of further investment and financial resources that might be added on the said business. This will cover the Market Study, Technical Study, Management Study, Financial Study and the Social Economic Aspects of this study in which it will contain a clear supporting evidence for the recommendation and approval of the business. By the end of this study we aim to identify the viability and possibility of the business that will influence each of us for our critical decision making. Place of Distribution
All of our services will be handled and prepared at our main business shop but then pet lovers will have space area for them to have a good view of seeing their pets while our pet groomer pampering them with so much gentle and care. Since some of the pet owners our professional workers and don’t have so much time to wait for their pets being groomed we can offer services like picking up and sending their pets back home clean and presentable.
Since there’s a lot of ways how to advertise and market our pet salon we have come up with a numerous ideas to publicize out business. One of the ways is to give out flyers not only limited in the area of our location but within Bacolod City and possible around Negros Occidental. Another way is to broadcast our business on television and newspaper to have a wider market. Lastly, we can use verbal advertisement. A good number of respondents were aware of benefits their pets may get in availing our services. Product/Services

Ear Cleaning
Mouth Cleaning
Nail Trimming
De Claw
Medicinal Bath or De-ticking
Bathing and Hair Grooming
Pet Massage
Spa treatments and services
De worming

Majority of the pet owners would want their pets to be groomed. Out of 50 respondents 30 were attracted to bring their pet to our projected business, only 12 were not interested and 8 were not sure yet.

Most of the respondents are health conscious about their pets.

Out of 50 respondents we have gathered that majority of Bacolodnon were pet owners. 36 Respondents do have pet, 11 does not have and 3 is not a pet lover at all. Major Consumer of the product/ services

After we conducted our survey we have collected data that out of 50 respondents most likely will have customers ages from 26 – 34.
This study will cover the long term goal of the business. It will as well tackle the different areas involved in beginning a business. This will show how researches ideas uniquely differ from other market. Additionally, this study will be conducting interviews and surveys to probable customer in order to gather more precise and accurate data’s that will be helpful in establishing the proposed business. Scope and Limitation of the Study Business - An economic system in which goods and services are exchanged for one another or money, on the basis of their perceived worth.

Pet - is a household animal kept for companionship and a person's enjoyment, as opposed to livestock, laboratory animals, working animals and sport animals which are kept for economic reasons.

Pet Grooming - refers to both the hygienic care and cleaning of animals, as well as a process by which animal’s physical appearance is enhanced for showing or other types of competition. Operational Definition of Terms After the end of this study, we believe that this kind of business will prosper, gain profit and will be a major competitor in the pet grooming industry because of the quality service that we offer. Our goal is to provide maximum comfort and relaxation to the pets here in Bacolod, by that way we can also give happiness to the pet owners while we pamper their pets. Its’ main objectives is to make profit and expect increase in partnership equity and to be able to give quality and outstanding service to the pets and gain the trust of each pet owners. Objectives of the study The last chapter is all about the contribution of this business to the Philippines economy. The first subject is all about how this business can do simple task to improve the efficiency of the business and at the same time helping the community to progress and not be seriously affected in a negative way.
The will as well talk about how much employment does this business offer to the community. This business may not offer Job openings at a large scale but it contributes in a way that even just few people can be employed and is qualified for this job, at least it helps people find jobs and gives them salaries in a way that it also helps the Philippine Economy.
This chapter contains the following; The Contribution to the Philippine Economy – this part tells what our business can help to the economy of our country; The Employment Generation – this part describes how we can provide employment in the community and how our business can help to provide jobs in the society. Socio – Economic Feasibility This chapter contains the following; The Total Projected Cost – will inform how much owners’ needs to contribute; The Initial Capital Requirement - will show what is the total expenses of the business in putting it up or establishing the partnership; The Source of Financing – will present how each owners were able to contribute to the capital presented; The Financial Statements - this will guide about the projection of the monetary values of the business; The Financial Analysis - will define the ratios and when will be the capital recovery. Financial Study This study will focus on how to run the business by the management, it also talks about the legal requirement required to operate it successfully.
This chapter contains the following; The Form of Business Ownership – will discuss how the business has been formed and who are the members of the business; The Capitalization - will present the break-down that each member is willing to invest in the said business; The Organizational Structure - will show how each employee will work depending on its’ job description; The Manpower Requirements – this part tells what are the qualifications that are needed to be employed; The Compensation - this will show how much he different positions in our business earns and what are the bonuses that they will receive; The Legal Requirements – this part tells the requirements to legally operate the business. Management Feasibility This chapter will identify concerning the marketing aspect of the business. It will talk about how we market our business to the people/customers. It will also present the different services we offer to the market and how will it benefit them and their pets. It also defines our target market and the prices of our services offered.
This chapter is very important for the study since the marketing aspects is very essential in gaining a satisfied number of loyal customers in order to gain profit which we yearn to aspire.
This will as well control the following aspect; The Methodology – this part will focus on data collection procedure that will help this study be more dynamic and useful; The Demand and Supply – which will tackle about the expected demand and supply of this business if enough to cater each pet who are willing to avail our product; The Demand and Supply analysis – will define the estimated projected product that will be use locally or internationally; The Projected Sales – will explain how will the business run depending to fro its demand in the market; and The Marketing Strategies –in this part it will describes strategy on how we market our business. Market Feasibility This business is projected to be successful. As we have conducted a survey with a 50 respondents 37 of them which are pet owners are excited and very much willing to bring their pets to our proposed business. This kind of business will give pet owners security that their pets are taking care properly the new establish business will help them cater the needs to their loved pets. They are assured that we will give the 101% of the quality service and pamper to every pet in Bacolod and nearby Cities. The YOURS pet grooming shop is projected to be flourishing and will do very well until the next 5 years that of its operation. Project Summary People at the present time love and are very devoted to pets. Taking care of a pet is not easy to accomplish single-handedly. One way of helping a pet owner is by the help of our pet grooming shop. A pet grooming shop helps take care of the sanitation, health and cleanliness of the pet. A pet grooming shop provides a services that a pet owner cannot do alone and cannot perform at their homes, it also offer professional services with quality products to cater needs of the pets.

This manner of business can be difficult to manage because every pet will have different needs wants and care, so our employees must have variety of skills in giving the specific service to the special needs of each pet. But this can be very profitable because the main need of a pet grooming shop business in order to operate and to be successful is very acquirable and can be learn easily. Brief Description of the Project Objectives of the study
this chapter it defines the tools and equipments that are considered necessary to use the excellent and quality service that our customers’ pets needs.

Product and Services
*Declawing *Pet Massage
*Grooming and Bathing *Medicinal Bath
*Nail Trimming *De-worming
*Mouth and Teeth Cleaning *Ear Cleaning
TECHNICAL STUDY Marketing Strategies/Programs

Marketing Strategies is important to let the public know what our business can offer. The most significant way of a marketing strategy is by Advertisement. Advertisement is the publication of products or services rendered by an organization or a business. There are different ways of advertising a product or services. There is putting of ads on television and newspapers, the giving out of flyers and through sponsoring of events in local affairs.

Most of the respondents do have an idea on how this business works and how helpful it would be especially to the pet owners. This would be one great way to pamper more their pets. Projected Demand

The Philippine pet care industry is relatively young with numerous growth opportunities for both incumbent and new potential manufacturers and retailers. The market is expected to remain dynamic over the forecast period. Consumption for the past years

As we conducted our survey near NGC where our business is projected to be establish we have gathered information that out of 50 respondents 29 of the pet owners will bring their pet in a grooming shop and only 13 were not yet interested to avail the services but since there were some respondents that don’t have pet they own yet they were undecided.
Objectives of the study
define about the marketing aspects of the business, and also will serve as a key factor to get advantage over competitors.

The pet trend became more apparent in 2010 and remains apparent in 2011 as more Filipinos see their pets as part of the family, treating them as if they were their children. This has brought about higher demand for specialized food products that are age-specific, breed-specific and natural/organic, as well as greater visibility of premium pet services in 2010 and 2011. CHAPTER III
MARKET STUDY A pet grooming shop is a service giving business that will cater the intimate pampering of pets with the use of high-grade products which are safe and gentle, the needs of giving and providing them love and unconditional care that each and every pet needs. This business will offer services for bathing, medicinal bath, mouth and tooth cleaning, ear cleaning, nail trimming, declaw, hair grooming and pet massage. We choose this kind of business because there is no dominating pet grooming service that is currently operating here in Bacolod City which would be in our great advantage since it has no major competitor. This business will not only provide its best quality service but wanted to meet the expectations of each of the pet owners who come and trust our pet grooming shop.

INTRODUCTION/BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY This chapter contains the following; The Product/Services – it describes the different and services and uses of the product that we offers to the customers’ pet; The Manufacturing that our business Process - which will tell us what are the tools and the supplies that are business will use; The Production Schedule – what time will our business be open and some consideration to considered to serve our loyal customer especially during holidays; The Machinery and Equipment – will tackle about the equipment and machines that is essential to offer the best quality services that our business will be offering; The Plant Location – it will provide the perspective view and location in which our business will stand; The Plant size and Layout - will show and present how big and nice our place will be and if it appropriate to stand our business shop; The Utilities – will classify the consumptions or the amount we will spend to operate the business now and in the coming years; The Waste Disposal – how and what are the material use to proper dispose our waste; The Direct Labor Requirement – will serve as our guide to legally open our business. Technical Feasibility Name of Firm
YOURS Pet Grooming Shop
- along the New Government Center, Carlos Hilado Highway Circumferential Road Chapter I
SUMMARY OF THE PROJECT A Feasibility Study Presented to the
Faculty of the College of Business and Accountancy
University of Saint La Salle, Bacolod City

Jane Dawn Ablong
Carl Aira Jereza
Nap Lobaton
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