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Parts of the Computer

My more used pictures

Aimee Hoddy

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Parts of the Computer

Motherboard. What is it?
A motherboard is a component of the computer where all wires connect including the CPU.
The CPU means central processing unit. Inside the CPU is the computer brain which controls the computer and it's knowledge.
Welcome to Aimee Hoddy's
Presentation of computer parts
RAM means Random Access Memory it allows you to access
the memory at anytime.
Hard Disk
The hard disk is the long term memory for the computer.
Graphics Card
The graphics card is a component of the computer that handles generating signals that are sent to the monitor. It is responsible for generating and controlling the texts and pictures that come up on your screens.
Power Supply
The power supply is basically the fan for the computer so it doesn't heat up too much
Thank you
for watching
my prezi xx

Thank You!!
Thanks everyone for watching my prezi xx
I hope you enjoyed it ;) xx
hello! I just thought
I should welcome you
properly by saying
hello xx
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