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No description

Cassidy Oosterink

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Sustainability

By: Jacob Boeve, Patrick Gault, Olivia Storey, Corey VandeWege, Zach Carlson, and Cassidy Oosterink
Styrofoam Trays
Fuel Efficient School Buses
Overall Goals
Art supplies
Flushing System
Water Pipes
Washing hands
At home
How a gas boiler system works

Fire ignited by gas
Gas fire heats pipes filled with water
That heated water is then pumped through out the whole building
That heat is then blown out through vents usually located on the floors or on ceilings.
Solution-Insulate pipes more
- lowering the thermostat
Takes less Fuel
Produce clean fumes
Saves School money
Used in every school
600 trays a day
Go to Landfills
Driving question: In what ways can we make Hamilton High School more sustainable?
Creating Safe Energy
No Fossil Fuels
Reducing Green House Gases
Saving Big Bucks

Solar Panels- to self produce electricity and save money
Do to heat loss through pipes they should be insulated to save money.
Reduce the amount of water usage.
Reduce gas usage.
Goal: Make Hamilton High School more sustainable.
Solar Panels
Wind Turbines
Plastic Trays
Don't need to buy more
Need to Clean
The Heating System
How do they work?
Safe energy
Switch to Plastic Trays
Sustainability and the Triple Bottom Line
Triple Bottom Line...
Way to measure sustainability
Effects People, Profit, Planet
Thanks for watching!
Sustainability is...
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