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What is Electronic Journalism?

A primary presentation for EJ course

Hamid R. Akrami

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of What is Electronic Journalism?

Electronic Journalism Definitions Specifications What is it?
What is the definition?
What are the specifications? Conclusion ICT Inspire new modes of Communication Journalism Electronic/Cyber/Online Internet The greatest advance for communication since the printing press An important information source - as important as other media Rules are in a state of flux Traditional sources have limited time and/or space
Online content is not limited by time or space
Online sites should provide archives of previous content, links to related content, and deepen content by using multimedia
Diversified modes of delivery Features 5 + Advantages Immediacy
Multimedia capability
Interactivity and user-generated content
Audience control
Storage and retrieval
Unlimited space Delivery for multiple platforms
Multiple paginatings
24/7 news cycle
Online/Offline Some newer terms Hyperlocal sites Convergence Shovelware Backpack Journalism BackPack Journalist:
Someone who has many skills needed for creating a news story alone
They know how to produce content for all Media types, including photography, filming, interview, reporting, editing and publishing news items
A Backpack Journalist may cover a news story for more than one type of media Involves two or more media (e.g., local newspaper and TV station) partnering to produce an alternate form of journalism, usually a multimedia Web site
Allows different media to share content and personnel
A newspaper reporter may supplement a story with an online version and then appear on an evening TV newscast
Seems to offer great promise and potential savings
Might lead to fewer journalists being hired and fewer reporters performing watchdog functions Existing media organizations, provide most content in online journalism sites
Material is taken from newspaper and other resources and “shoveled” onto Web site with little or no modification The Practice of Online Journalism

Requires people with specialized skills
Consists of a blend of core journalism skills with technical knowledge and the ability to create online media content
No “typical” online journalist Types of Online Journalism Sites

Sites associated with already existing media organizations
Sites associated with local TV and radio stations
News aggregators
Hyperlocal sites
Sites that exist only on the Internet—salon.com, labbaik.ir
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