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Brave New World

No description

Tran Truong

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Brave New World

But that's not really the reason why you should read this book.... Brave New World offers a society of many comforts such as never growing old, living in standard luxuries, stability and having never ending 'happiness'. But its at a cost of one's
own individual freedom of knowing
what life fully entitles; pain, loss,
religion, knowledge, and the ability
to decide whats good or not. So why read this book? Recommended to ages 14 and up But if you read Brave New World then perhaps you
can find your own answer and see it's valid arguments. The Story's Background " In my opinion, I would rather live life
to the fullest rather than having to live
in comfort all the time. Life would be too boring after all. Citizens are raised to hate nature and books with the exception of Alphas. (This allows them to have no ideas of their own)
Encourage to engage in sex. (This acts as a stress reliever and is consider as good manners)
Encourage to take a drug called soma whenever there's discomfort. (It's like a happy aspirin)
Encourage to buy and consume goods (makes a better economy) How People are raised Inappropriate subjects Important Values/Themes Mankind's ability to reproduce is now controlled. People are embryos 'born' from bottles on conveyor belts. They are manufactured to fit the social caste system society has for them; Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons. How things work in society But what's the full story? Even so, I believe that
this book should defended or
at least be restricted to a
older audience because it has
some really good arguments
about society. Brave
World Brave New World offers a society
like no other. It's where
everyone one is entitled with
happiness and pleasure. There
are no conflicts nor struggles,
and everyone is conditioned to
be of use for the good of the
community just as it's motto
states; So Why has this book been banned or challenged? Well, it does have... By Aldous Huxley " Community, Identity,
Stability" (Huxley 3). Child pornography or of resemblance to it Insensitivity to present morals and religion Shameless and casual acts of sexual activities Offensive language Racial offense to those of primitive culture BUT!!!!! This book also has Daily intake of drugs Warns us of the dangers of technology Sacrifices are needed for a more perfect society Living a easy life fully dictated is not
not living at all Individualism is sometimes more important than being good for the whole community Alphas and Betas are the higher and intelligent beings because each one is 'born' from a whole embryo. As for the last three, they are 'born' from sharing one egg injected with chemicals causing the abundance of identical twins. They are used for manual labor and are not very bright. " One egg, one embryo, one adult-normality. But a bokanovskified* egg will bud, will proliferate, will divide...and every bud will grow into a perfectly form embryo, and every embryo into a full-sized adult. Making ninety-six human beings grow where only one grew before" (Huxley 6). Explores the idea of Utopia and Dystopia And that's just progress. Continuing on... Having families and lovers is considered scandalous and viviparous*.(Having no attachments to others means there are no emotional conflicts hence the casual sex) Summary Brave New world is about a futuristic science filled utopian society where everyone is happy, well almost everyone. It follows the POV of a few characters whom are unsatisfied with the way their society works. Bernard Marx is one of those few unhappy ones. He feels different and frustrated of those around him even though he's on top of the food chain. He desires a sense of freedom but does not know what freedom is. So he goes off into a Native American reservation where he meets John the savage and learns of the old societies unaware of future consequences. People are encourage to do solidarity services which is generally just a huge orgy that parodies christian practices today. (This however, is just another way to participate in community services) This book was made in 1932. And many things happen during the 1930s such as the Great Depression, the Ford conveyor belt assembly line, and of course the important scientific discoveries that influence this book;
Experimental Embryos/Bokanovsky's egg
Experimental Behavioral Psychology
Hypnopaedia (sleep teaching)
Tranquillizer drugs Don't you think society is slowing moving to be like Brave New World?
For Ex: Many today turn to weed, marijuana, pot etc. in order to
induce the feeling of euphoria to relieve stress. Much like what soma does. "By this time the soma had begun to work.
Eyes shone, cheeks were flushed, the inner
light universal benevolence broke out on
every face in happy friendly smiles" (Huxley 81). Drug Store So read this book in order to know the full effect
drugs will have on society before its too late!!! So would you rather live in comfort
and happy ignorant to the world? Or
would you rather live with freedom
that comes with unhappiness? Getting rid of everything unpleasant instead
of learning to put up with it.....It's too easy" (Huxley 238).
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