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Animal Farm Book Report

my prezi dope af, better get an A.

Donovan Delio

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Animal Farm Book Report

Essential Question
How does the author use both similes and metaphors throughout your book? How do these literary devices enhance the book? Why does the author use similes and metaphors?
Animal Farm Book Report
"All that year the animals worked like slaves."
This is an example of a simile in Animal Farm, on page 76, where the author compares the work of the animals to slaves to give the animals character, and so that the reader can more easily understand the type of work the animals are doing.
"He had been a hard worker even in Jones' time, but now he seemed more like three horses than one..."
This is another example of a simile, on page 29, in the story Animal Farm. The author added this quote to help give the reader a visualization of the strength Boxer possessed, and how important he was to the other animals on the farm.
"...there was a stormy debate over the correct retiring age for each class of animal."

This is an example of a metaphor, "...stormy debate...", in Animal Farm on page 31. The author used this to show how heated the debate got. By comparing a storm to a debate the reader can assume that the debate was very passionate.
"Four legs good, two legs bad"
This is another metaphor, on page 34, from Animal Farm. "Four legs" refers to all animals and "two legs" refers to all humans. The author added this to help develop the plot because this phrase becomes important later on in the story, it was also added to help the sheep of the farm understand the concept of the 7 commandments created by the pigs.
"...Like the sun in the sky, Comrade Napoleon..."
This is an example of a simile from a poem, on page 94, in Animal Farm. The simile is comparing the power of the sun to the leader of the farm, Napoleon. The author added this to show how the creator of the poem respected Napoleon and how much his leader meant to him.
"Only Boxer and Clover never lost heart."
This is an example of a metaphor, on page 74, in the story animal farm where the author compares the passion that these two have towards there work to a heart. This makes the two seem even more passionate about their cause than they always are.
Presentation by Donovan Delio
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