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Apple's brand personality is about:

No description

Imondre Johnson

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Apple's brand personality is about:

What is Apple?
Apple is one of the leaders amongst several highly competitive markets, including the
industry with Macintosh computers, the
consumer electronics
industry with iPod, the
market with the iPhone, and the
market with the iPad.
Apple's branding strategy focuses on emotions. It is centered around a person's lifestyle, imagination, passion, hopes, dreams and aspirations, and it aims to empower people through technology.
The Apple brand aims to
make people's lives easier
and it is a company with a genuine connection with its consumers.
Target Market
Apple has a wide range of target consumers
-college and university students
-business people
-young children and kids

Most of Apple's target market seems to be people who have a reasonably good amount of disposable income and are willing to spend it on a high quality of product

Middle/upper class people who are willing to pay a bit more for a better user experience
People who like simplicity
People who like to have fun with technology
Music enthusiasts and fans between the ages of 12 and 35
Professionals (especially those in media and design).
Apple's brand personality is about:
dreams & aspirations
power to the people through technology
Brand Description
SWOT Analysis
How it works!
Customer loyalty combined with expanding closed ecosystem
Apple is a leading innovator in mobile device technology
Brand reputation
High quality retail stores/experience
Strong marketing and advertising teams
High price points
Incompatibility with different OS
Decreasing market share
Patent infringements
Further changes in management
Defects of new products
Long-term gross margin decline
High demand for new iPhone/iPad
iTV launch
Growth of tablet and smartphone markets
Damages from patent infringements
Strong growth of mobile advertising market
Increase demand for cloud based services
Rapid technological change
2013 tax increases
Extensive competition
Android OS growth
Price pressure from Samsung over key components
Apple TV
Current Marketing Program
-Premium price electronics with high-end pricing strategy

-Willing to pay higher price with new technology thing

-Focus with high margin approach with ahead technology among rival
-Clever advertising ad which is one factor that build Apple brand image

-Communicate with the target group with the different approach; YouTube and Facebook community

-Software and accessories provided with special offer for members




Key Elements-
iRing fits both men and women due to its stretchy elastic band. It connects to the Apple TV through Bluetooth. No need to type out text messages or long emails...all you need is to move your finger. It has a chip that enables the ring to work and works all day. It is also compatible with apps.
-Manage Apple online store as allow to do E-transaction possibility

- Have own Apple retail store with selective location focus in city and urban area
The benefits of the iRing is that you no longer need to take use a mouse or remote to use your Apple TV. With the iRing you can just say what you need to say without ever touching a screen. iRing makes your life easier than ever!
Ability to connect with your Apple TV. Just need to put your beautiful iRing on your finger and it will connect to any device that is linked to the Apple TV. The sensors enable the iRing to pick up on any movement from your hand.
iRing believes that their customers are always right and we value customer service.
How it works
Estimate cost of production
The estimate cost of production is $25
The estimate bulk cost is $20
The iRing will be sold at $49
How is going to be market on an already existing product.
iRing will market people with Apple TV
Latest Technological Gadget for iTV
Growth for mobile technology gadgets
Already existing
technological innovative brand reputation
Strong customer loyalty
Thank you!
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