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Giovanni Buton: International Marketing Strategy

Critiqued Case Analysis on Team 2

Jessica Kelley

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Giovanni Buton: International Marketing Strategy

1.) Market Selection

2.) Market Segment Selection

3.) Acquisition of Distribution Channels

4.) Create Joint Venture Partnerships with Other Brand-Producing Companies

5.) Acquire New Brands

6.) Launch New Brands Critiqued Case Analysis Giovanni Buton:
International Marketing Strategy Cody Coovert
Jessica Kelley
Mandi Ontis
Scott Swaggart
Shawnee Viets Presented by: Among the three countries identified by Nigel Brown as promising ones for Vecchia Romanga - Germany, Spain, and Greece - which is most attractive? Why? Question 3: Shared viewpoints: What are the major trends in the distilled spirits industry, and what are the prospects for the next few years? QUESTION 1: How strong is Buton's competitive position in Italy? QUESTION 2: Targeting the German Middle Class
Potential success in pro-import Spain
Increased consumption in Spain could be a foothold
High Italian Population in Germany Evaluate the steps Brown has taken during his first four months at Buton. QUESTION 4: What should Brown do Next? Team 2 Opinion:

"Nigel Brown's next step is to solidify the structure of his organization in order to maximize the results of international business"
Restructure current team
Distribution Channels What is a reasonable objective for Buton's sale outside Italy in 5 years? "Acquire 30% of the market share in both Germany and Spain." Is 30% of the entire market reasonable? Different
perspectives TEAM 7: TEAM 2: QUESTION 5: GIOVANNI
$$$$$$ Geert-Hofstede Ever-changing industry trends
Emerging competitors
Economical factors
Consumer demand h Team 2: Graph Team 7: Graph PROS:
Gave specific numbers
Rebranding finance plan CONS
Elaborate on how to attain these figures
All plans assumed under previous trend conditions Well planned and projected for the 2 markets of concentration

Could have elaborated more outside of the case study agenda Question 5: Analysis Giovanni Buton Analysis 5 terms from glossary
Integration of Hofstede in relation to case
Video Material
Company Website

Well Executed
Clear writing and structure of flow
Level of case knowledge and proficiency Conclusion: More options for drinks in market
Rebranding of product
Restructure product line
Remain family Company Countries:
1.) Germany
2.) Spain
3.) Greece Research Firms
Spirit consumption Introduction Founded in 1820 by Giovanni Buton and Marquis Sassoli.
Expansion of Giovanni Buton
Challenges Facing Giovanni Buton Is it important for Buton to expand its sales in other countries?
Why or Why not? How might it be strengthened? Strong in Italy but need to expand to stay that way Vecchia Romagna accounts for 55% of sales Brandy sales are dropping in Italy International Brands are becoming more popular
Rebranding Vecchia Romagna
Rebranding Other Products Sales are down
Short term expansion in Germany
Long term expansion in Spain
Growing Markets Expanding to new markets Did not answer the question: Narrow choice down to ONE country
Selected BOTH Spain and Germany
Very limited consideration for Greece's potential Among the three countries identified by Nigel Brown as promising ones for Vecchia Romanga - Germany, Spain, and Greece - which is most attractive? Highest growth in consumption
High tariffs were being eliminated the next year
Less tariffs means lower cost to purchase, which has the potential to invite more middle class buyers. Suggested Alternative: Constructive Comments: Among the three countries identified by Nigel Brown as promising ones for Vecchia Romanga - Germany, Spain, and Greece - which is most attractive? Why? Greece
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