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Being an Effective Educator

No description

Emily Trono

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Being an Effective Educator

What does it mean to be an effective educator of urban youth? First, don't do this... In general... Design curriculum that is: Relevant
Intellectually Rigourous
Focuses on building content and skills
Helps students prepare to be
democratic citizens (knowledge, skills, attitude.)

Create a classroom environment that... Is Safe
Requires students to listen to their peers.
Is reflective.
Quiet when appropriate
Is varied
"Thou shalt be on the child's side." - A.S. Neill Put students at the center by: Advocate for students in and outside of the classroom.
Set high expectations for comportment and academics.
Empower students to acheive and believe in themselves.
Solicit student feedback and suggestions and take them seriously.

Build and sustain relationships... Be firm, but be ready to bargain.
Understand and care.
Be patient
Be forgiving
Give 2nd Chances Personally, I will be effective if I: Find joy and meaning in my work.
Take care of myself...(be social).
Continue to growth professionally.
Take some blame, but not all. Receive training in... Special Education
English as a Second Language
Be ready to learn about and from: Your students
Other faculty
The community "Her corney jokes and her
awkward laugh." Oh, and be good at implementing it! Fight the pedagogy of poverty (and don't succumb to it)! "we can joke around and we can be serious" "I can't wait for you teach 1st period next week. It's going to be awesome." Why should students care about this? How does the curriculum reflect my understanding of students' unique and particular ethnic, racial, socioeconomic status? (Concentrated poverty, de facto segregation, resegregated schools, less experienced teachers, access to the culture of power...) URBAN EDUCATION
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