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Zoning in Ghana

No description

Maame Yaa Buckman

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Zoning in Ghana

Zoning in Ghana
Property Regime
Better Zoning = Better Cities
institute effective land use policies amidst potentially conflicting land tenure systems;
garner support for the same goals by various local community stakeholders on a large scale.
choices made by the local and national government in designing and implementing the plan and the resources devoted to those efforts.

How effective are the Zoning Standards?
Chiefs alter land use types for developers
Some Zoning Standards have not been revised for several years
Lack of enforcement from Town Planning officials.
Zoning 101
Zoning is a tool used by planners to prescribe the acceptable use and form of the development of and on an area of land.
This includes
Land coverage of construction
Form of construction
Materials used for construction
height of buildings
Sanitation and environmental requirements
materials used in buildings
Zones are defined in the Structure Plan and determine the types of development that will be detailed at plot level in a Local Plan.
Accra's land tenure system is characterized by the co-existence of two very different land tenure systems:
a traditional communal system governed by customary law
an English common law system.
Colour Codes and Land use Zones
submit proposal to Land and planning Commision
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