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Unlocking the Potential of The Ultranet!

The Ultranet and its potential to improve teaching and learning.

Michael Laird

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of Unlocking the Potential of The Ultranet!

The Ultranet and the potential for Improved Teaching and Learning Michael Laird - 2010 The Ultranet is an online student-centred environment that supports high-quality learning and teaching and connects students, teachers and parents. It is a 21st century online learning platform that takes learning beyond the walls of the classroom and provides a rich knowledge management framework for schools. Assess Student Data Plan Teach Connect! Collaborate! Building Partnerships ONLINE! Anytime
Access! A complete student record is developed over the students time at school. = Greater responsibility for their own learning! Up to date records:
Completion of tasks
Network! Harness the knowledge of other teachers! Connected to infinite resources! Every aspect of school improvement depends on highly skilled teachers and leaders; The Ultranet connects our greatest resource - Teachers! Share! Relevant & Engaging! Ongoing assessment The Ultranet The Ultranet will empower teachers to create interactive and rich media content that compliments existing learning activities and engages students in dialogue and deep exploration of concepts and ideas! Change! Anywhere! Anytime! Literacy Numeracy Use the Ultranet to drive the curriculum! Use the Ultranet to work in collaboration with other staff to improve student learning outcomes! The Ultranet is a tool that can be used to improve literacy and numeracy as the building blocks for access to a rich curriculum and a successful pathway for every student at Wallarano! The Ultranet will provide a platform that will be instrumental in helping teachers set up these building blocks at Wallarano by providing an exciting and collaborative environment to improve student outcomes in these areas. Integrate! Teachers will be able to seamlessly integrate ICT and The Ultranet into all areas of the curriculum! 'The Ultranet is a high-tech vehicle; it will take a while to learn how to drive it but the journey and the destinations will benefit those who climb aboard.' Graeme Henchel, Ultranet Coach Share! The term 'Web 2.0 describes the changing trend in the use of the World Wide Web and web design that enhances creativity, communications, secure information sharing and collaboration! Web 2.0 'The aim of teaching is not only to transmit information, but also to transform students from passive recipients of other people's knowledge into active constructors of their own and others' knowledge. The teacher cannot transform without the students active participation...' Richard F. Elmore The Ultranet is here! It's time to unlock its potential! Teachers are already using a variety of Web 2.0 tools in schools. The Ultranet can bring these all together into the one space!
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