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Copy of Africa

No description

kristina roxas

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Africa

born in 1920
A Civil Administrator
Ambassador of the Ivory Coast
a cabinet member
a Journalist, poet, writer, novelist and a playwright
a member of the Company of Men of Letters in France
Received the Diploma of Honor of the Popular Academy of Literature and Poetry and other citations in 1954
All that you have given me, Africa
All that you have given me, Africa
Lakes, forests, misted lagoons
All that you have given me,
Music, dances, all night stories around a fire
All that you have etched in my skin
Pigments of my ancestors
Indelible in my blood.
All that you have given me, Africa
Makes me walk
With a step that is no other
Hip broken under the weight of time,
Feet large with journeys,
All that you have left to me
Even this lassitude bound to my heels,
I bear it with pride on my forehead.
Your suffering for lost paradises
All that, I protect with an unforgiving hand
As far as the clear horizons
So that your heaven-given task
May be safe forever
Maurice Anoma Kanie
All that you have given me, Africa
Savannahs gold in the noonday sun
Your beasts that men call wicked,
Your mines, inexplicable treasures
Obsession of a hostile world
1.What has Africa given to the persona
2.What does the persona claims about the African Race?
4.What is the persona’s promise?
Maurice Anoma Kanie
My health is no more to be lost
And I go forward
Praising my race which is no better
Or worse than any other.
Africa gave them...
All You Have Given Me,
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