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Eragon Prezi

Ethan Whetstone's Prezi for IRP

Ethan Whetstone

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Eragon Prezi

By Christopher Paolini Eragon Summary The Battle of Farthen Dur Eragon is an ordinary boy with an ordinary life. When he is off hunting Eragon comes across a unique stone which turns out to be a dragon egg. Eragon raises his dragon, Saphira, in secret until the evil Razac destroy his farm and kill his uncle. Eragon sets off on an adventure to find the Razac and get his revenge with the town storyteller who turns into his mentor. Throughout their adventure, Eragon and Saphira make many sacrafices. They end up at the Varden and engage in a battle between the Kull and the Varden, they are successful at keeping Galbatorix's army at bay. The Land in Which The Story Takes Place Map of Alagaesia 1. The Spine
2. Carvahall
3. Therinsford
4. Yazuac
5. Daret
6. Teirm
7. Dras-Leona
8. Helgrind
9. Gil'ead
10. Hadrac Desert
11. Beor Mountains
12. Farthen Dur Eragon's Journey (Places He Went To) Long before Eragon was born and King Galbatorix ruled over Alagaesia, was the age of the Riders. Dragon Riders ruled peacefully over Alagesia keeping order. For ages this was how everything was but then a new rider was chosen, Galbatorix. He didn't obey orders and often took risks, all he wanted was power. Once he went off on an adventure to kill a pack of urgals. Galbatorix bit off more than he could chew and his dragon was killed. With no companion, he began to go mad. Galbatorix pleaded for a new dragon and when he was denied one, he began killing all the riders. Soon there was only one rider other than Galbatorix alive. He was defeated and Galbatorix set out to rule Alagesia to this day. No dragons or their eggs had been seen by anyone but Galbatorix until Eragon found his. History of Alagaesia The Battle of Fathren Dur took place in the Varden. The Kull got into the dwares tunnels under Trojheim and attacked the Varden. The war was an ugly one, espically for the Varden. Things weren't going there way and they were going to have to accept definate defeat. But then, with the help of Saphira, Eragon killed the Shade, Durza. The Shade was controlling all the Kull and Urgals and when he was killed, the enemies forgot what they were fighting for and the Varden defeated them. Eragon saved the Varden and was awarded the name, Shadeslayer. The End Eragon Character Summary Eragon is the main character of the novel. He is courageous, truthful, and intelligent, although at times he doesn't think before he acts. Eragon finds Saphira's egg in the Spine and decides to keep it. He has to be a special person because Saphira choses to hatch for him. Throughout the novel Eragon grows physically and mentally. He becomes fit due to a new life on the run and full of battle. He also learns how to use magic when the time is right, and how to act in situations. Saphira Character Summary Saphira is a dragon. Many people think of her as a pet, Eragon's pet. But in fact, dragons are more intelligent than human beings. Saphira is kind, caring, smart, and protective of Eragon. Throughout the novel, Saphira grows stronger as Eragon does as they are connected by their minds and essentially are one being. He helps her to grow and she does the same for him. Saphira also learns that she needs Eragon just as much as he needs her. Brom Character Description Brom appears to be the average old town storyteller. However, as you get further into the story, Brom is revealed as much more. He, in a way, becomes Eragon's mentor. Brom teaches Eragon magic that only he can use as a rider. But not only does he teach Eragon lessons in battle, but makes him a better person. Brom may not have had enough time to teach him all that he knew and how he knew it, but he changed Eragon and Saphira's life. Brom was a brave, honest man. Throughout the novel, he not only changed Eragon and Saphira's lives, but they changed his too. Key Terms Used in the Novel The Spine- Dangerous wilderness on the border of Carvahall where Eragon found Saphira's egg
The Varden- A hidden civilization who wishes to overthrow the King
Urgals- Evil monsters who are pledged to Galbatorix
Kull- Giant, full grown, urgals
Alagaesia- The land in which the novel takes place
Shade- A being controlled by evil spirits who use magic to harm things and people

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