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Allusions in "Inherit the Wind"

No description

on 12 October 2015

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Transcript of Allusions in "Inherit the Wind"

The Theory of Evolution is a scientific theory that states that humans evolved over a period of time and was seen as a direct contradiction to the religious belief that the world was created by God. If this theory did not exist, the trial and worldwide controversy wouldn't exist.
Chautauqua describes an adult education movement in the United States, highly popular in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Meeker was saying that he once saw the mighty Harrison Brady at a Chautauqua event in Chattanooga and he was a great speaker.


Goliath is a reference to the Bible, a young shepherd defeats the mighty soldier Goliath with the help of God and a slingshot. This reference is showing that Drummond is a mighty opponent and it magnifies their cause.
Book of Genesis
The book of Genesis is the first book in the bible and it addresses the creation of the universe. It is mentioned a lot throughout the book, but Brady brings it up by making a sly remark saying "or the miracle he achieved in seven days as described in the beautiful Book of Genesis.

Barnum and Bailey
Barnum and bailey is a reference to a american circus company know as Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey circus. Cates is making a reference that the town would become a circus of people for the trial.


Days of the Pharaohs
Day of the Pharaohs refers to the time period of the most of the Bible, Reverend Brown was setting a mental image for the audience at the church.
Tree of Knowledge
The Tree of Knowledge was the tree that Adam and Eve ate from that God told them not to eat from. Hornbeck is asking Rachel if she wants a bite of his apple and he said it was not from the Tree of Knowledge, referencing the Bible. He is a telling Rachel that he is not the bad guy here.
More Allusions
Allusions in "Inherit the Wind"
Sacred Sinai
Little Eva
Bible Belt
Rock of Ages
Elijah is a reference to a book in the bible. Hornbeck is making a sly comment about a man named Elijah joking saying he is the Elijah from the bible.
In the bible god created Adam and eve and a serpent(the devil) offered eve and apple and she took a bite of it. Hornbeck(the serpent) offers Rachel a bite of his apple and she refuses and then he makes a comment saying that "I am not a serpent don't worry little Eva"
The Bible Belt is a region in the Midwest and Hornbeck is referring to were he is staying as the buckle of the bible belt because were he is staying is a really nice place
Was a popular Christian hymn that Brady says he is more interested in then the age of rocks because of the question that Drummond asked him.
Mount Sinai was the mountain that Moses got the Ten Commandments from the Lord
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