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Salt Night

Plans for decoration, fundraisers, and things we can do to make it better and more fun.

Grace Smith

on 13 March 2010

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Transcript of Salt Night

Salt Night Interior Decorating WALLS neon handprints all over the wall
of original Salt Nite-ers. We all come in one night, maybe a Friday. What I propose is that we all be allowed to graffiti the wall with whatever we want, the only requirements that it be appropriate (You could approve our ideas) and that it be done with glow in the dark paint. We paint the room with chalkboard paint
so that we can draw on the walls. Get bright
colored chalk. Fundraising Carnival Dunk Tank - 'nuff said. Fortune Teller-ditto with the 'nuff said. Face Painting - Um, all we need is Hannah and a box of face paint. Games Haunted House-Hello? I know a ton of boys who would jump at the chance to scare people out of their wits. Ahem, Mark? Michael? Riley? Et cetera...
Okay, fine, I admit
that I got the idea
from a dorky
TV show but it's still a good idea! People Auction Fun Stuff Places to Go-

1) Qzar 2) Adrenalina 3) Roller Skating Rink 4) Ice Skating Rink 5) the Park Um, SHAG RUG! Things to Put IN the Room Old Fashioned Pin-Ball Games
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